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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) File
Advances in modeling and management of urban water networks 1-gen-2020 Campisano, A.; Creaco, E. file da validare
Advances in Water Distribution Networks 1-gen-2018 Creaco, E.; Pezzinga, G.
Application of rehabilitation and active pressure control strategies for leakage reduction in a case-study network 1-gen-2020 Bosco, C.; Campisano, A.; Modica, C.; Pezzinga, G.
Artificial neural networks for predicting the water retention curve of sicilian agricultural soils 1-gen-2018 D'Emilio, Alessandro; Aiello, Rosa; Consoli, Simona; Vanella, Daniela; Iovino, Massimo
Assessing future impacts of climate change on water supply system performance: Application to the Pozzillo Reservoir in Sicily, Italy 1-gen-2019 Peres, D. J.; Modica, R.; Cancelliere, A.
Assessing the impact of partitioning on optimal installation of control valves for leakage minimization in WDNs 1-gen-2021 Creaco, E.; Castagnolo, D.; Pezzinga, G.
An Assessment of Trends of Potential Evapotranspiration at Multiple Timescales and Locations in Sicily from 2002 to 2022 1-gen-2023 Aschale, T. M.; Palazzolo, N.; Peres, D. J.; Sciuto, G.; Cancelliere, A. file da validare
A Bi-objective approach for optimizing the installation of PATs in systems of transmission mains 1-gen-2020 Creaco, E.; Galuppini, G.; Campisano, A.; Ciaponi, C.; Pezzinga, G.
Biosensors in Monitoring Water Quality and Safety: An Example of a Miniaturizable Whole-Cell Based Sensor for Hg2+ Optical Detection in Water 1-gen-2019 Sciuto, EMANUELE LUIGI; Coniglio, MARIA ANNA; Corso, Domenico; Roelof van der Meer, Jan; Acerbi, Fabio; Gola, Alberto; Libertino, Sebania
Calibration of cfd numerical model for the analysis of a combined caisson 1-gen-2021 Iuppa, C.; Carlo, L.; Foti, E.; Faraci, C.
Comparison of Algorithms for the Optimal Location of Control Valves for Leakage Reduction in WDNs 1-gen-2018 Creaco, Enrico; Pezzinga, Giuseppe
Computational fluid dynamics for modeling gravity currents in the presence of oscillatory ambient flow 1-gen-2018 Stancanelli, Laura Maria; Musumeci, Rosaria Ester; Foti, Enrico
Enhancement of anaerobic digestion ofwaste-activated sludge by conductive materials under high volatile fatty acids-to-alkalinity ratios 1-gen-2021 Calabro, P. S.; Fazzino, F.; Limonti, C.; Siciliano, A. file da validare
Evaluation of different methods to assess the hydraulic behavior in horizontal treatment wetlands 1-gen-2020 Licciardello, F.; Sacco, A.; Barbagallo, S.; Ventura, D.; Cirelli, G. L.
Evaluation of Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods for the Assessment of Hydrological Impacts of Photovoltaic Power Plants in Mediterranean Climates 1-gen-2022 Aschale, T. M.; Sciuto, G.; Peres, D. J.; Gullotta, A.; Cancelliere, A. file da validare
Evapotranspiration from horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetlands planted with different perennial plant species 1-gen-2019 Milani, Mirco; Marzo, ALESSIA CONCETTA; Toscano, Attilio; Consoli, Simona; Cirelli, Giuseppe; Ventura, Delia; Barbagallo, Salvatore
An Expeditious Campaign of Field Experiments for Preliminary Analysis of the Hydraulic Behavior of Intermittent Water Distribution Networks 1-gen-2023 Campisano, Alberto; Gullotta, Aurora; Modica, Carlo file da validare
Experimental and numerical study of biochar fixed bed column for the adsorption of arsenic from aqueous solutions 1-gen-2021 Boni, M. R.; Marzeddu, S.; Tatti, F.; Raboni, M.; Mancini, G.; Luciano, A.; Viotti, P.
The first video witness of coastal boulder displacements recorded during the impact of medicane "Zorbas" on Southeastern Sicily 1-gen-2020 Scicchitano, G.; Scardino, G.; Tarascio, S.; Monaco, C.; Barracane, G.; Locuratolo, G.; Milella, M.; Piscitelli, A.; Mazza, G.; Mastronuzzi, G. file da validare
Gas Release and Solution as Possible Mechanism of Oscillation Damping in Water Hammer Flow 1-gen-2023 Pezzinga, G. file da validare
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 37
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