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Vitamin E is the major contributor to the antioxidant capacity in lambs fed whole dried citrus pulp 1-gen-2017 Luciano, G.; Roscini, V.; Mattioli, S.; Ruggeri, S.; Gravador, R. S.; Natalello, A.; Lanza, Massimiliano; DE ANGELIS, Anna; Priolo, Alessandro
Dried tomato pomace supplementation to reduce lamb concentrate intake: Effects on growth performance and meat quality 1-gen-2018 Valenti, Bernardo; Luciano, Giuseppe; Pauselli, Mariano; Mattioli, Simona; Biondi, Luisa; Priolo, Alessandro; Natalello, Antonio; Morbidini, Luciano; Lanza, Massimiliano
Feeding lambs with silage mixtures of grass, sainfoin and red clover improves meat oxidative stability under high oxidative challenge 1-gen-2019 Luciano, G.; Natalello, A.; Mattioli, S.; Pauselli, M.; Sebastiani, B.; Niderkorn, V.; Copani, G.; Benhissi, H.; Amanpour, A.; Valenti, B.
Dietary supplementation of tannin-extracts to lambs: Effects on meat fatty acids composition and stability and on microbial characteristics 1-gen-2019 Biondi, L.; Randazzo, C. L.; Russo, N.; Pino, A.; Natalello, A.; Van Hoorde, K.; Caggia, C.
Effect of feeding pomegranate by-product on fatty acid composition of ruminal digesta, liver and muscle in lambs 1-gen-2019 Natalello, Antonio; Luciano, Giuseppe; Morbidini, Luciano; Valenti, Bernardo; Pauselli, Mariano; Frutos, Pilar; Biondi, Luisa; Rufino-Moya, Pablo Jose; Lanza, Massimiliano; Priolo, Alessandro
Effect of different dietary tannin extracts on lamb growth performances and meat oxidative stability: comparison between mimosa, chestnut and tara 1-gen-2019 Valenti, B.; Natalello, A.; Vasta, V.; Campidonico, L.; Roscini, V.; Mattioli, S.; Pauselli, M.; Priolo, A.; Lanza, M.; Luciano, G.
Dietary Pomegranate Pulp: Effect on Ewe Milk Quality during Late Lactation 1-gen-2019 Valenti, Bernardo; Luciano, Giuseppe; Morbidini, Luciano; Rossetti, Umberto; Codini, Michela; Avondo, Marcella; Priolo, Alessandro; Bella, Marco; Natalello, Antonio; Pauselli, Mariano
Meat quality from pigs fed tomato processing waste 1-gen-2020 Biondi, L.; Luciano, G.; Cutello, D.; Natalello, A.; Mattioli, S.; Priolo, A.; Lanza, M.; Morbidini, L.; Gallo, A.; Valenti, B.
Dietary pomegranate by-product improves oxidative stability of lamb meat 1-gen-2020 Natalello, A.; Priolo, A.; Valenti, B.; Codini, M.; Mattioli, S.; Pauselli, M.; Puccio, M.; Lanza, M.; Stergiadis, S.; Luciano, G.
Effects of Microencapsulated Blend of Organic Acids and Essential Oils as Feed Additive on Quality of Chicken Breast Meat 1-gen-2020 Stamilla, Alessandro; Russo, Nunziatina; Messina, Antonino; Spadaro, Carmine; Natalello, Antonio; Caggia, Cinzia; Randazzo, Cinzia L.; Lanza, Massimiliano
Effect of feeding hazelnut skin on animal performance, milk quality, and rumen fatty acids in lactating ewes 1-gen-2020 Campione, A.; Natalello, A.; Valenti, B.; Luciano, G.; Rufino-Moya, P. J.; Avondo, M.; Morbidini, L.; Pomente, C.; Krol, B.; Wilk, M.; Migdal, P.; Pauselli, M.
Influence of dietary cardoon meal on volatile compounds and flavour in lamb meat 1-gen-2020 Del Bianco, S.; Natalello, A.; Luciano, G.; Valenti, B.; Monahan, F.; Gkarane, V.; Rapisarda, T.; Carpino, S.; Piasentier, E.
Bioactive compounds from pomegranate by-products increase the in vitro ruminal accumulation of potentially health promoting fatty acids 1-gen-2020 Natalello, A.; Hervas, G.; Toral, P. G.; Luciano, G.; Valenti, B.; Mendoza, A. G.; Pauselli, M.; Priolo, A.; Frutos, P.
Ability of tannins to modulate ruminal lipid metabolism and milk and meat fatty acid profiles 1-gen-2020 Frutos, P.; Hervas, G.; Natalello, A.; Luciano, G.; Fondevila, M.; Priolo, A.; Toral, P. G.
Cheese quality from cows given a tannin extract in 2 different grazing seasons 1-gen-2021 Menci, R.; Natalello, A.; Luciano, G.; Priolo, A.; Valenti, B.; Difalco, A.; Rapisarda, T.; Caccamo, M.; Constant, I.; Niderkorn, V.; Coppa, M.
Effect of dietary hazelnut peels on the contents of fatty acids, cholesterol, tocopherols, and on the shelf-life of ripened ewe cheese 1-gen-2021 Marino, V. M.; Rapisarda, T.; Caccamo, M.; Valenti, B.; Priolo, A.; Luciano, G.; Natalello, A.; Campione, A.; Pauselli, M.
Effects of two tannin extracts at different doses in interaction with a green or dry forage substrate on in vitro rumen fermentation and biohydrogenation 1-gen-2021 Menci, R.; Coppa, M.; Torrent, A.; Natalello, A.; Valenti, B.; Luciano, G.; Priolo, A.; Niderkorn, V.
Inclusion of cocoa by-product in the diet of dairy sheep: Effect on the fatty acid profile of ruminal content and on the composition of milk and cheese 1-gen-2021 Campione, A; Pauselli, M; Natalello, A; Valenti, B; Pomente, C; Avondo, M; Luciano, G; Caccamo, M; Morbidini, L
Effect of dietary tannin supplementation on cow milk quality in two different grazing seasons 1-gen-2021 Menci, R.; Natalello, A.; Luciano, G.; Priolo, A.; Valenti, B.; Farina, G.; Caccamo, M.; Niderkorn, V.; Coppa, M.
Fatty acid metabolism in lambs fed hazelnut skin as a partial replacer of maize 1-gen-2021 Priolo, A.; Valenti, B.; Natalello, A.; Bella, M.; Luciano, G.; Pauselli, M.
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