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A combined petro-structural study assisted by UAV-survey of mafic microgranular enclaves hosted by syn-tectonic tonalites at Rovaglioso outcrop (Calabria-Peloritani Orogen) 1-gen-2019 Fazio, E.; Fiannacca, P.; Lombardo, R.; Tomaselli, L.; Vilardo, F.; Cirrincione, R.
A combined petrofabric and AMS approach to reveal the magmatism-tectonics link in a composite batholith: an example from the Serre Massif (Calabria, Italy) 1-gen-2019 Fazio, E.; Fiannacca, P.; Cirrincione, R.; Mamtani, M. A.
The contribution of the “Environmental Interpretation” to the communication and scientific divulgation of the Geological Heritage: the case of the Aspromonte Geopark Project. 1-gen-2018 Ortolano, G.; Palermiti, A. S.; Santagati, MARIO SALVATORE; Tralongo, S.; Cirrincione, R. file da validare
Crystallization of an alkali-granitic enclave from a pantelleritic ignimbrite from Pantelleria, Italy 1-gen-2018 De Giorgio, G.; Fiannacca, P.; Cirrincione, R.; Rotolo, S. G. file da validare
Crystallization of K-feldspar megacrysts in a molten system: evidence from the two-mica porphyritic granitoids of Capo Vaticano Promontory (Serre Batholith, southern Italy). 1-gen-2018 Giustolisi, L.; Fiannacca, P.; Salerno, D.; Lombardo, R.; Cirrincione, R. file da validare
Deterministic vs. Stochastic interpolation methods in geochemical mapping of plutonic complexes: Automated mapping via IG-Mapper of the Squillace pluton (Serre Massif, Southern Italy) 1-gen-2018 Ortolano, G.; Fiannacca, P.; Pagano, M.; Visalli, R.; Cirrincione, R. file da validare
First results from Evaluation of the Carrying Capacity of the Monello cave. 1-gen-2018 Costanzo, S.; Cirrincione, R.; Signorello, G.; Sturiale, G. file da validare
The Floristella-Grottacalda Mineral Park (Sicily): a geological trip that becomes history, literature and memory of a territory 1-gen-2019 Punturo, R.; Fazio, E.; Fiannacca, P.; Ortolano, G.; Cirrincione, R.
Fold-related deformation bands: an analogue of a shallow-burial reservoir from Numidian turbidites of Sicily 1-gen-2018 Gambino, S.; Fazio, E.; Maniscalco, R.; Punturo, R.; Barreca, G.; Lanzafame, G.; Butler, R. W. H.
Garnet diffusion modelling applied for discovering timescales and rates of geological processes: two different case from Serre and Sila massifs (Calabria, Italy) 1-gen-2018 Ortolano, G.; Visalli, R.; Godard, G.; Cirrincione, R. file da validare
Garnet-bearing quartz diorites as clues for melting and melt extraction processes in the lower crust (Capo Vaticano Promontory, southern Italy) 1-gen-2018 Salerno, Danilo; Fiannacca, P.; Ortolano, G.; Lombardo, Rachele; Giustolisi, L.; Cirrincione, R. file da validare
Geological features of the Cutgana nature reserves: new educational strategies and implementations in the museum areas 1-gen-2018 Distefano, Salvatore; Abramo, A.; Amore, E.; Branca, F.; Catalano, D.; Costanzo, S.; Ientile, R.; Sturiale, G.; Bordonaro, S.; Cirrincione, R.; Di Stefano, A.; Signorello, G. file da validare
Geoscience and education: Proposal of a geo-trail at the Etna Volcano 1-gen-2018 Punturo, R.; Cirrincione, R.; Caffo, S.; Visalli, R.; Ferlito, C. file da validare
The Hyblean Karst Museum: a tool for communicating scientific education in the territory. 1-gen-2018 Cirrincione, R.; Amore, E.; Branca, F.; Costanzo, S.; Sturiale, G.; Di Stefano, A.; Signorello, G. file da validare
Interaction between deformation and crustal melt generation at the plastic-brittle transition: a perspective from exhumed pseudotachylyte-bearing mylonites 1-gen-2019 Fazio, E.; Fiannacca, P.; Lombardo, R.; Cirrincione, R.
Metamorphic Geo-Petrology Information System (MetGeoPetIS): a new cyberinfrastructure for numerical metamorphic geology data management 1-gen-2018 Ortolano, G.; Zucali, M.; Corti, L.; Pagano, M.; Visalli, R.; Cirrincione, R. file da validare
Microtomography investigation of ultramylonites from crustal scale shear zones and implications on the rheology of the continental lithosphere 1-gen-2018 Fazio, E.; Punturo, R.; Cirrincione, R.
A mini-atlas of shear-related microstructures in late Variscan granitoid rock from the northeastern Peloritani Mountains (southern Italy) 1-gen-2018 Russo, D.; Fiannacca, P.; Fazio, E.; Cirrincione, R.; Pezzino, A.
Reconstruction of sequential pattern deformation within the multistage evolution of the Montalto Shear Zone (Aspromonte Massif – Calabria). 1-gen-2017 Fazio, E.; Ortolano, G.; Visalli, R.; Cirrincione, R.; Pezzino, A.
The relationships between Geosites and nature reserves: The case history of the Karsts systems managed by Cutgana (University of Catania). 1-gen-2018 Amore, Elena; Branca, FABIO MARIA; Cirrincione, R.; Costanzo, S.; Di Stefano, A.; Sturiale, G. file da validare
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