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Parameter Estimation in the Mathematical Model of Bacterial Colony Patterns in Symmetry Domain 1-gen-2023 Brociek, R.; Wajda, A.; Capizzi, G.; Slota, D. file da validare
Modeling and Experimental Characterization of a Clutch Control Strategy Using a Magnetorheological Fluid 1-gen-2023 Lo Sciuto, G.; Kowol, P.; Capizzi, G. file da validare
A new design methodology for window-based FIR filters 1-gen-2023 Avanzato, R; Beritelli, F; Capizzi, G; Sciuto, Gl file da validare
Estimation of aerothermal heating for a thermal protection system with temperature dependent material properties 1-gen-2023 Brociek, R.; Hetmaniok, E.; Napoli, C.; Capizzi, G.; Slota, D. file da validare
Computational Methods for Parameter Identification in 2D Fractional System with Riemann–Liouville Derivative 1-gen-2022 Brociek, R.; Wajda, A.; Lo Sciuto, G.; Slota, D.; Capizzi, G. file da validare
Chemiresistor gas sensors based on conductive copolymer and ZnO blend – prototype fabrication, experimental testing, and response prediction by artificial neural networks 1-gen-2022 Kaluzynski, P.; Mucha, W.; Capizzi, G.; Lo Sciuto, G. file da validare
Multilayer Plasmonic Nanostructures for Improved Sensing Activities Using a FEM and Neurocomputing-Based Approach 1-gen-2022 Lo Sciuto, G.; Napoli, C.; Kowol, P.; Capizzi, G.; Brociek, R.; Wajda, A.; Slota, D. file da validare
Soil Moisture Estimation based on the RSSI of RFID Modules 1-gen-2021 Avanzato, R.; Beritelli, F.; Capizzi, G.; Napoli, C.; Rametta, C.
FPGA Implementation of a Parallel DDS for Wide-Band Applications 1-gen-2021 Magistris, G. D.; Rametta, C.; Capizzi, G.; Napoli, C. file da validare
FPGA Implementation of a BPSK Modulator with Frequency Hopping 1-gen-2021 Beritelli, F.; Capizzi, G.; Rametta, C.; Napoli, C. file da validare
Organic solar cells defects classification by using a new feature extraction algorithm and an EBNN with an innovative pruning algorithm 1-gen-2021 Lo Sciuto, G.; Capizzi, G.; Shikler, R.; Napoli, C.
Revealing Contamination and Sequence of Overlapping Fingerprints by Unsupervised Treatment of a Hyperspectral Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Dataset 1-gen-2021 Tuccitto, Nunzio; Bombace, ALESSANDRA VITTORIA; Auditore, Alessandro; Valenti, ANDREA MARIA GERARDO; Torrisi, Alberto; Capizzi, Giacomo; Licciardello, Antonino
Lessening stress and anxiety-related behaviors by means of AI-driven drones for aromatherapy 1-gen-2020 Capizzi, G.; Napoli, C.; Russo, S.; Wozniak, M. file da validare
Modeling of Magnetorheological Fluids Relative Magnetic Permeability by using a Neural Network approach 1-gen-2020 Kowol, P.; Szczygiel, M.; Lo Sciuto, G.; Capizzi, G. file da validare
Functionalized Carbon Nanoparticle-Based Sensors for Chemical Warfare Agents 1-gen-2020 Tuccitto, Nunzio; Riela, Lorenzo; Zammataro, Agatino; Spitaleri, Luca; Li-Destri, Giovanni; Sfuncia, Gianfranco; Nicotra, Giuseppe; Pappalardo, Andrea; Capizzi, Giacomo; Trusso Sfrazzetto, Giuseppe file da validare
An entropy evaluation algorithm to improve transmission efficiency of compressed data in pervasive healthcare mobile sensor networks 1-gen-2020 Capizzi, Giacomo; Coco, Salvatore; Sciuto, Grazia Lo; Napoli, Christian; Holubowski, Waldemar
A spiking neural network-based long-term prediction system for biogas production 1-gen-2020 Capizzi, Giacomo; Lo Sciuto, Grazia; Napoli, Christian; Woźniak, Marcin; Susi, Gianluca
Small Lung Nodules Detection based on Fuzzy-Logic and Probabilistic Neural Network with Bio-inspired Reinforcement Learning 1-gen-2020 Capizzi, Giacomo; Lo Sciuto, Grazia; Napoli, Christian; Polap, Dawid; Wozniak, Marcin
Faster inage filtering via parallel programming 1-gen-2019 Książek, Kamil; Marszałek, Zbigniew; Capizzi, Giacomo; Napoli, Christian; Połap, Dawid; Woźniak, Marcin
A Novel 2D Fir Filter Design Methodology based on a Gaussian Based Approximation 1-gen-2019 Capizzi, Giacomo; LO SCIUTO, Grazia
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 127
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