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Organized assemblies of thiol-terpyridine and thiophenol on gold surfaces: preferential composition of mixed species evidence 1-gen-2003 Auditore, A; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Marzanni, G; Quici, S; Puntoriero, F; Campagna, S; Licciardello, Antonino
Characterization of photoelectric polymeric material by using capacitive transducers 1-gen-2004 Auditore, A.; Baglio, Salvatore; Barrera, P.; Licciardello, Antonino; Savalli, N.; Tuccitto, N.
ToF-SIMS investigation of functional mixed aromatic thiol monolayers on gold 1-gen-2004 Auditore, A; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Quici, S; Marzanni, G; Puntoriero, F; Campagna, S; Licciardello, Antonino
Chemical effects in C-60 irradiation of polymers 1-gen-2006 Mollers, R; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Torrisi, V; Niehuis, E; Licciardello, Antonino
Comparison between angular dependent NEXAFS analysis and theoretical calculations of molecular orientation of new functional mixed aromatic molecules deposited onto Au/Si(111) 1-gen-2006 Battocchio, C; Polzonetti, G; Gambino, L; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Licciardello, Antonino; Marletta, Giovanni
Focused Ion Beam Treatment of Self-Assembled Monolayers for Protein Patterning 1-gen-2007 Giamblanco, N; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Licciardello, Antonino; Marletta, Giovanni
Patterning of lactoferrin using functional SAMs of iron complexes 1-gen-2007 Giamblanco, N.; Tuccitto, N.; Licciardello, Antonino; Marletta, Giovanni
Stepwise formation of ruthenium(II) complexes by direct reaction on organized assemblies of thiol-terpyridine species on gold 1-gen-2007 Tuccitto, Nunzio; Torrisi, V; Cavazzini, M; Morotti, T; Puntoriero, F; Quici, S; Campagna, S; Licciardello, Antonino
Patterning of lactoferrin using functional SAMs of iron complexes 1-gen-2007 Tuccitto, Nunzio; Giamblanco, N; Licciardello, Antonino; Marletta, Giovanni
Monoatomic and cluster beam effect on ToF-SIMS spectra of self-assembled monolayers on gold 1-gen-2008 Tuccitto, Nunzio; Torrisi, V; Delfanti, I; Licciardello, Antonino
Nano- and microstructured polymer LB layers: A combined AFM/SIMS study 1-gen-2008 Torrisi, V; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Delfanti, I; Audinot, Jn; Zhavnerko, G; Migeon, Hn; Licciardello, Antonino
RADIOFREQUENCY GLOW DISCHARGE TIME OF FLIGHT MASS SPECTROMETRY FOR THIN FILMS ANALYSIS: PULSE MODE VERSUS CONTINUOUS MODE 1-gen-2008 Bordel, N; Lobo, L; Pisoner, J; Pereiro, R; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Licciardello, A; Tempez, A; Chapon, P; Holh, M; Michler, J; SANZ MENDEL, A.
ToF-SIMS investigation of FIB-patterning of lactoferrin by using self-assembled monolayers of iron complexes 1-gen-2008 Tuccitto, Nunzio; Giamblanco, N; Marletta, Giovanni; Licciardello, Antonino
Zirconium phosphate phosphonate multilayered films based on push-pull stilbazolium salt: synthesis, characterization and second harmonic generation 1-gen-2008 Morotti, T; Calabrese, Vittorio; Cavazzini, M; Pedron, D; Cozzuol, M; Licciardello, Antonino; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Quici, S.
ToF-SIMS characterization of fluoroalkyl derivatives of possible interest as water repellent for stone protection 1-gen-2008 Torrisi, Alberto; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Maccarrone, G; Licciardello, Antonino
Soft-landed protein voltammetry: A tool for redox protein characterization 1-gen-2008 Mazzei, F; Favero, G; Frasconi, M; Tata, A; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Licciardello, Antonino; Pepi, F.
Pulsed radiofrequency glow discharge time of flight mass spectrometer for the direct analysis of bulk and thin coated glasses 1-gen-2008 Muniz, Ac; Pisonero, J; Lobo, L; Gonzalez, C; Bordel, N; Pereiro, R; Tempez, A; Chapon, P; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Licciardello, Antonino; Sanz Medel, A.
O-18/O-16 isotopic separation in anodic tantala films by glow discharge time-of-flight mass spectrometry 1-gen-2009 Tempez, A; Canulescu, S; Molchan, Is; Dobeli, M; Whitby, Ja; Lobo, L; Michler, J; Thompson, Ge; Bordel, N; Chapon, P; Skeldon, P; Delfanti, I; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Licciardello, Antonino
Highly conductive 40-nm-long molecular wires assembled by stepwise incorporation of metal centres (Nature Materials (2009) 8 (41-46))(Erratum) 1-gen-2009 Tuccitto, Nunzio; Ferri, V; Cavazzini, M; Quici, S; Zhavnerko, G; Licciardello, A; Rampi, Ma
Covalent surface modification of titanium oxide with different adhesive peptides: Surface characterization and osteoblast-like cell adhesion 1-gen-2009 Dettin, M; Bagno, A; Gambaretto, R; Iucci, G; Conconi, Mt; Tuccitto, Nunzio; Menti, Am; Grandi, C; Di Bello, C; Licciardello, Antonino; Polzonetti, G.
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