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Nome #
Biological properties of Cakile maritima Scop. (Brassicaceae) extracts, file dfe4d22c-56de-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 183
In vitro inhibitory activity of Bifidobacterium longum BB536 and Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001 alone or in combination against bacterial and Candida reference strains and clinical isolates, file dfe4d22b-5a20-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 106
α-Lipoic Acid Reduces Iron-induced Toxicity and Oxidative Stress in a Model of Iron Overload, file dfe4d229-95e0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 74
Lactate Induces the Expressions of MCT1 and HCAR1 to Promote Tumor Growth and Progression in Glioblastoma, file 74b7e321-4c07-4efc-8b50-671310e72bf3 51
Consequences on aging process and human wellness of generation of nitrogen and oxygen species during strenuous exercise, file dfe4d22c-e851-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 47
Commentary: Fasting-mimicking diet reduces HO-1 to promote T cell-mediated tumor cytotoxicity, file dfe4d228-a5e1-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 38
TLR4 signaling drives mesenchymal stromal cells commitment to promote tumor microenvironment transformation in multiple myeloma, file dfe4d22a-4a5b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 38
Nicotine dosimetry and stability in cambridge filter PADs (CFPs) following different smoking regime protocols and storage conditions, file dfe4d22e-9cce-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 36
Diabetic human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells fail to differentiate in functional adipocytes, file dfe4d22b-5573-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 34
Critical appraisal of the European Union Scientific Committee on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) Preliminary Opinion on electronic cigarettes, file dfe4d22e-a7c2-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 31
Silibinin Restores NAD⁺ Levels and Induces the SIRT1/AMPK Pathway in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver., file dfe4d22b-64b1-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 30
Screening of different cytotoxicity methods for the assessment of ENDS toxicity relative to tobacco cigarettes, file dfe4d22e-b9bc-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 26
Antimicrobial and anti-proliferative effects of skin mucus derived from dasyatis pastinaca (Linnaeus, 1758), file dfe4d228-7318-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 23
Commentary: Lactobacilli dominance and vaginal pH: Why is the human vaginal microbiome unique?, file dfe4d228-731b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 22
The Impact of Tobacco Cigarettes, Vaping Products and Tobacco Heating Products on Oxidative Stress, file 4926f3e0-464a-48fa-8476-8813405c08fb 21
Mu and Delta Opioid Receptor Targeting Reduces Connexin 43-Based Heterocellular Coupling during Neuropathic Pain, file 787a4eae-ae28-42e4-9c5b-e6ffe33803c3 21
Ixazomib improves bone remodeling and counteracts sonic hedgehog signaling inhibition mediated by myeloma cells, file dfe4d22a-4b55-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 20
Trophoblast-induced spiral artery remodelling and uteroplacental haemodynamics in pregnant rats with increased blood pressure induced by heme oxygenase inhibition, file dfe4d22b-5b9b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 20
PHACTR4/STAT3 axis as a possible target therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma treatment, file dfe4d22b-23a3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 18
The biochemical and pharmacological properties of ozone: The smell of protection in acute and chronic diseases, file dfe4d22b-ba64-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 17
Connexin 43 and sonic hedgehog pathway interplay in glioblastoma cell proliferation and migration, file dfe4d22e-e451-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 15
GJA1/CX43 High Expression Levels in the Cervical Spinal Cord of ALS Patients Correlate to Microglia-Mediated Neuroinflammatory Profile, file b08789a0-bc5b-4925-a725-0ce0a409d7ff 14
Soluble peptidoglycan fragments produced by Limosilactobacillus fermentum with antiproliferative activity are suitable for potential therapeutic development: A preliminary report, file a1777387-f85f-4d32-b8ea-7147fa599e32 13
Role of 17β-Estradiol on Cell Proliferation and Mitochondrial Fitness in Glioblastoma Cells, file dfe4d22a-d9ce-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 13
Nicotine Effects and Receptor Expression on Human Spermatozoa: Possible Neuroendocrine Mechanism., file dfe4d227-a9c0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 12
Natural heme oxygenase-1 inducers in hepatobiliary function, file dfe4d227-e40d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 11
Mesenteric lymph nodes as alternative site for pancreatic islet transplantation in a diabetic rat model, file dfe4d229-ad58-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 11
Low and high responders after polypropylene mesh implantation for inguinal hernioplasty, file dfe4d22c-191e-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 11
Immunological reaction and oxidative stress after light or heavy polypropylene mesh implantation in inguinal hernioplasty A CONSORT-prospective, randomized, clinical trial, file dfe4d22d-75ed-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 11
In-vitro NET-osis induced by COVID-19 sera is associated to severe clinical course in not vaccinated patients and immune-dysregulation in breakthrough infection, file dfe4d22e-e46d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 11
In vitro cytoxicity profile of e-cigarette liquid samples on primary human bronchial epithelial cells, file 1e9a3ff7-5b6a-4f13-915b-cb8251d1bd0b 10
Sigma-1 and Sigma-2 receptor ligands induce apoptosis and autophagy but have opposite effect on cell proliferation in uveal melanoma, file dfe4d228-73f3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 10
Role of heme oxygenase-1 (HSP32) and HSP90 in glioblastoma, file dfe4d228-7795-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 10
A new antioxidant formulation reduces the apoptotic and damaging effect of cigarette smoke extract on human bronchial epithelial cells, file dfe4d22b-8cf0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 10
Commentary: Inflammatory and oxidative responses induced by exposure to commonly used e-cigarette flavoring chemicals and flavored e-liquids without nicotine, file dfe4d22c-3609-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 10
Electronic nicotine delivery systems exhibit reduced bronchial epithelial cells toxicity compared to cigarette: the Replica Project, file dfe4d22e-e1ce-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 10
Resistin-like beta reduction is associated to low survival rate and is downregulated by adjuvant therapy in colorectal cancer patients, file ae84870c-f9bf-4529-8417-9cb31dbb06c3 9
Heme oxygenase-1 nuclear translocation regulates bortezomib-induced cytotoxicity and mediates genomic instability in myeloma cells., file dfe4d227-acca-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 9
Heme Oxygenase-1 Inhibition Sensitizes Human Prostate Cancer Cells towards Glucose Deprivation and Metformin-Mediated Cell Death, file dfe4d22b-64a8-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 9
Glucose-impaired Corneal Re-epithelialization Is Promoted by a Novel Derivate of Dimethyl Fumarate, file dfe4d22e-7c6a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 9
Mesenchymal stromal cells in tumor microenvironment remodeling of BCR-ABL negative myeloproliferative diseases, file 64b8d549-1c6a-4621-92bf-44c802f29b84 8
Propofol and α2-Agonists Attenuate Microglia Activation and Restore Mitochondrial Function in an In Vitro Model of Microglia Hypoxia/Reoxygenation, file ace4135a-5da8-4b94-9f87-5391d403049a 8
Effect of Treatment with Cyanidin-3-O-β-D-Glucoside on Rat Ischemic/Reperfusion Brain Damage., file dfe4d227-7e7e-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
The role of heme oxygenase and Hsp70 in trauma, file dfe4d228-ae79-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Immunoexpression of macroH2A in uveal melanoma, file dfe4d22b-9ac6-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Sigma-1 receptor and neuroprotection: Current outlook and potential therapeutic effects, file dfe4d22b-f613-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Assessment of E-cigarette impact on smokers: The importance of experimental conditions relevant to human consumption, file dfe4d22c-7730-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Clobetasol promotes neuromuscular plasticity in mice after motoneuronal loss via sonic hedgehog signaling, immunomodulation and metabolic rebalancing, file dfe4d22e-9a09-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Lactate trafficking inhibition restores sensitivity to proteasome inhibitors and orchestrates immuno-microenvironment in multiple myeloma, file 389bc9c7-6350-462f-ab2d-e93414320047 7
Spectrum of sepsis, mediators, source control and management of bundles, file dfe4d227-39bc-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Liraglutide reduces oxidative stress and restores heme oxygenase-1 and ghrelin levels in patients with type 2 diabetes: a prospective pilot study., file dfe4d227-8eb8-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells as prognostic factor in chronic myeloid leukaemia patients treated with dasatinib, file dfe4d228-abfe-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Therapeutic efficacy of stem cells transplantation in diabetes: role of heme oxygenase, file dfe4d22a-c417-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Molecular bases underlying the hepatoprotective effects of coffee, file dfe4d22a-ff85-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Potential immunoregulatory role of heme oxygenase-1 in human milk: a combined biochemical and molecular modeling approach, file dfe4d227-6ea3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
The aristaless (Arx) gene: one gene for many "interneuronopathies", file dfe4d227-9e54-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
LATE-ONSET OCULAR HYPERTENSION AFTER VITRECTOMY: A Multicenter Study of 6,048 Eyes, file dfe4d229-e6c5-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Liraglutide improves metabolic parameters and carotid intima-media thickness in diabetic patients with the metabolic syndrome: an 18-month prospective study., file dfe4d22a-c2b5-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Immunoproteasome Genes Are Modulated in CD34+ JAK2V617F Mutated Cells from Primary Myelofibrosis Patients, file dfe4d22a-eef6-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Middle-aged healthy women and Alzheimer's disease patients present an overlapping of brain cell transcriptional profile, file dfe4d22a-efe5-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Biochemical targets and biomarkers for central nervous system protection and monitoring., file dfe4d22b-3ca5-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Role of Cigarette Smoke on ACE-2 Protein Membrane Expression in Bronchial Epithelial Cells Using an Air-Liquid Interface Model, file e3b01600-1ba6-4443-bbb7-0cbf3acf10f6 6
CXCL12/CXCR4 axis supports mitochondrial trafficking in tumor myeloma microenvironment, file 2c8b4f41-7f09-4ab6-88c6-f82d472d5913 5
Hedgehog signaling pathways in multiple myeloma, file 3811a6bc-3f97-421f-aaf5-e69d999851d9 5
Lactate modulates microglia polarization via IGFBP6 expression and remodels tumor microenvironment in glioblastoma, file 50aac213-5b95-499f-8547-9583db2b65d7 5
Inhibition of TLR4 signaling affects mitochondrial fitness and overcomes bortezomib resistance in myeloma plasma cells, file c64cc785-9540-4c76-beba-e49ce2a3589f 5
Caffeic Acid Phenethyl Ester Regulates PPAR's Levels in Stem Cells-Derived Adipocytes., file dfe4d227-7b45-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Effect of silibinin on endothelial dysfunction and ADMA levels in obese diabetic mice, file dfe4d227-e7ad-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Probiotic Properties of Lactobacillus fermentum Strains Isolated from Human Oral Samples and Description of their Antibacterial Activity, file dfe4d22b-43d6-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Prognostic value of macroh2a in uveal melanoma, file dfe4d22b-54f3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Commentary: The apolipoprotein A-I mimetic peptide, D-4F, restrains neointimal formation through heme oxygenase-1 up-regulation, file dfe4d22b-be7b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
The Post-Lockdown Era: What Is Next in Italy?, file dfe4d22d-87e1-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Unconjugated bilirubin, a potent endogenous antioxidant, is decreased in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and advanced fibrosis, file 333c9bc3-2a0a-44f3-8352-8e62ac950d6d 4
Neurotrophic and immunomodulatory effects of olfactory ensheathing cells as a strategy for neuroprotection and regeneration, file 815b5cd6-2d82-466f-a8d4-5845dbe20b59 4
Mitochondrial Functions, Energy Metabolism and Protein Glycosylation are Interconnected Processes Mediating Resistance to Bortezomib in Multiple Myeloma Cells, file 9920587d-fe39-4183-9f20-f0ed10cfa219 4
IGFBP-6 Alters Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Phenotype Driving Dasatinib Resistance in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, file a659cecd-5b1e-4af9-b7d2-da5012d1d321 4
Role of Cigarette Smoke on Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme-2 Protein Membrane Expression in Bronchial Epithelial Cells Using an Air-Liquid Interface Model, file ad05ec88-552a-4cda-8c8b-b75814d7931c 4
Cephalosporin-induced hemolytic anemia in a sicilian child, file b19b3a78-86dd-44e9-bd01-78de9218af38 4
Coffee enhances the expression of chaperones and antioxidant proteins in rats with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, file c3bf76c3-4075-4e35-97b0-847ddbdc95fa 4
Heme Oxygenase-1 Overexpression Promotes Uveal Melanoma Progression and Is Associated with Poor Clinical Outcomes, file c4b402c9-9139-4e81-9998-637daa54bc96 4
Clinical biomarkers in brain injury: a lesson from cardiac arrest, file dfe4d227-14a3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Neuroprotective Effects of a Glutathione Depletor in Rat Post-Ischemic Reperfusion Brain Damage., file dfe4d227-28ab-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
EXPRESSION OF NICOTINIC RECEPTOR SUBUNITS IN HUMAN SEMEN, file dfe4d227-62d5-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Potential therapeutic effects of natural heme oxygenase-1 inducers in cardiovascular diseases, file dfe4d227-88ff-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Silibinin Regulates Lipid Metabolism and Differentiation in Functional Human Adipocytes, file dfe4d227-accd-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Anesthetics and natural heme oxygenase-1 inducers: waiting for carbon monoxide?, file dfe4d227-ebcb-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Antioxidant properties of propofol: when oxidative stress sleeps with patients, file dfe4d228-c141-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Hepatitis C virus eradication by direct antiviral agents improves glucose tolerance and reduces post-load insulin resistance in nondiabetic patients with genotype 1., file dfe4d228-fd70-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Neurological Abnormalities in Full-Term Asphyxiated Newborns and Salivary S100B Testing: The "Cooperative Multitask against Brain Injury of Neonates" (CoMBINe) International Study, file dfe4d22b-5c59-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Lactate Rewrites the Metabolic Reprogramming of Uveal Melanoma Cells and Induces Quiescence Phenotype, file eca7181f-92a3-4f08-b5ae-34c6a7d571a9 4
Neuromarkers and unconventional biological fluids, file 0854e970-88ca-43da-b161-b590ff91f32d 3
Synthesis of MIL-Modified Fe3O4 Magnetic Nanoparticles for Enhancing Uptake and Efficiency of Temozolomide in Glioblastoma Treatment, file 20401364-2395-4cf5-ab2b-2f8f70b89fd6 3
TLR4 Signaling and Heme Oxygenase-1/Carbon Monoxide Pathway Crosstalk Induces Resiliency of Myeloma Plasma Cells to Bortezomib Treatment, file 41b38c14-6098-4682-8512-b78aeccc8a49 3
Loss of histone macroH2A1 in hepatocellular carcinoma cells promotes paracrine-mediated chemoresistance and CD4+CD25+FoxP3+ regulatory T cells activation, file 42144a90-25d9-49c0-8725-3296e2d61134 3
Mangifera indica L. Leaves as a Potential Food Source of Phenolic Compounds with Biological Activity, file 4c63ee51-63d0-4737-a23d-0b4995aa987b 3
Iron regulates myeloma cell/macrophage interaction and drives resistance to bortezomib, file 61040104-9d8c-4582-b4a0-cdb86480449b 3
The Hallmarks of Glioblastoma: Heterogeneity, Intercellular Crosstalk and Molecular Signature of Invasiveness and Progression, file 905fe5b2-62e0-4fd9-8d88-d7da62914d7e 3
The Crosstalk between GPR81/IGFBP6 Promotes Breast Cancer Progression by Modulating Lactate Metabolism and Oxidative Stress, file ce8136c1-bdf7-43d6-b996-4764ac0b98e9 3
Bifidobacterium combined with fructo-oligosaccharide versus lactulose in the treatment of patients with hepatic encephalopathy, file dfe4d226-fd9b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Effects of ellagic acid on angiogenic factors in prostate cancer cells, file dfe4d227-8774-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
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