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Nome #
Fold-related deformation bands in a weakly buried sandstone reservoir analogue: a multi-disciplinary case study from the Numidian (Miocene) of Sicily (Italy), file dfe4d229-82a2-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 752
The Calabria-Peloritani Orogen, a composite terrane in Central Mediterranean; its overall architecture and geodynamic significance for a pre-Alpine scenario around the Tethyan basin, file dfe4d227-00f4-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 557
The Floristella-Grottacalda Mineral Park (Sicily): a geological trip that becomes history, literature and memory of a territory, file dfe4d229-ea36-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 272
Occurrence of asbestos in soils: State of the art, file dfe4d22d-866c-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 136
Assessment of naturally occurring asbestos in the area of Episcopia (Lucania, Southern Italy), file dfe4d22a-4be0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 99
Quartz preferred orientation in naturally deformed mylonitic rocks (Montalto Shear Zone - Italy): a comparison of results by different techniques, their advantages and limitations, file dfe4d227-8600-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 75
Multi-analytical approach for asbestos minerals and their non-asbestiform analogues: Inferences from host rock textural constraints, file dfe4d22a-bca6-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 67
Hazardous elements in asbestos tremolite from the basilicata region, southern italy: A first step, file dfe4d22e-d02d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 45
X-ray microtomography: a new tool for investigating mineral fibres in geo-matrices, file dfe4d22d-f3b3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 24
Progresses in deciphering structures and compositions of basement rocks, file dfe4d227-6377-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 21
Assessment of serpentine group minerals in soils: A case study from the village of San Severino Lucano (Basilicata, Southern Italy), file dfe4d22d-9b88-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 15
Editorial for special issue "Mineral Fibres", file dfe4d22a-4317-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 13
L’oro del diavolo. Storia dello zolfo e della sua estrazione in Sicilia. Itinerari nelle solfare siciliane., file bf27dd13-02ff-4281-bd29-bf2330348d18 12
Mineralogical and microstructural features of namibia marbles: Insights about tremolite related to natural asbestos occurrences, file dfe4d22a-4315-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 12
Environmental implications related to natural asbestos occurrences in the ophiolites of the Gimigliano-Mount Reventino Unit (Calabria, Southern Italy), file dfe4d226-ff80-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 9
An original experimental approach to study the alteration and/or contamination of archaeological ceramics originated by seawater burial, file dfe4d227-0551-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Guida geologica dell’Aspromonte, file dfe4d22a-68ac-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Garnet growth in natural high pressure regime: a key tool in unravelling the pressure-temperature path of rocks involved in mountain belt orogeny, file dfe4d227-9410-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Microtomography investigation of asbestos and fibrous minerals bearing ophiolites, file dfe4d22a-6017-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
La “pietra pece” di Ragusa: Una roccia semplice che ha fatto molta strada., file dfe4d22e-c171-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
The Porosity in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir Rocks: Tectonic versus Diagenetic Imprint—A Multi-Scale Study from the Hyblean Plateau (SE Sicily, Italy), file 24530146-68b3-431d-a9d7-3e59b35d09b3 6
Granitoid stones from Calabria (Southern Italy): petrographic, geochemical and petrophysical characterization of ancient quarries of Roman Age, file dfe4d227-ab59-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Toxic Elements in Serpentinite-Derived Soils: Potential for Human Exposure, Southern Italy., file dfe4d228-b50c-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Quartz preferred orientation in naturally deformed mylonitic rocks (Montalto Shear Zone - Italy): a comparison of results by different techniques, their advantages and limitations, file dfe4d227-85ff-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Quartz CPO analysis of mylonitic leuco-granodiorites from a ductile crustal scale shear zone (Calabria, southern Italy), file dfe4d22a-629d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Il colore giallo, file dfe4d22e-e102-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Quartz annealing microstructures in sheared rocks from the Serre Massif (Calabria, Italy), file dfe4d227-0614-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) in rock and soil and relation with human activities: the monitoring example of selected sites in Calabria (southern Italy), file dfe4d227-2414-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Petrological and Microstructural Constraints for orogenetic exhumation modelling of HP rocks: the example of Southern Calabria Peloritani Orogen (western Mediterranean), file dfe4d227-43b2-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Comparison between different techniques applied to quartz CPO determination in granitoid mylonites, file dfe4d227-4b58-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
The Alpine evolution of the Aspromonte Massif: constraints for geodynamic reconstruction of the Calabria-Peloritani Orogen, file dfe4d227-7dbd-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Microstructure and elastic anisotropy of naturally deformed leucogneiss from a shear zone in Montalto (southern Calabria, Italy), file dfe4d227-acef-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Seismic and magnetic susceptibility anisotropy of middle-lower continental crust: Insights for their potential relationship from a study of intrusive rocks from the Serre Massif (Calabria, southern Italy), file dfe4d227-db09-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
The geological heritage of the ASPROMONTE National Park towards Unesco GLOBAL GEOPARK candidacy., file dfe4d22a-6e5d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Petrographic, microstructural and petrophysical study of asphaltic limestone employed in the Late Baroque towns of the Val di Noto UNESCO site (south-eastern Sicily), file 43d86756-be22-4922-92b4-aefebace1e21 3
Greenstone of Calabria: A multi-analytical characterization of heritage metabasite from Southern Italy, file 863db381-81fd-4866-bc62-1c253d4509f2 3
Strain rate in Mylonite rocks and induced changes in petrophysical properties across the shear zones: open perspectives and discussion, file dfe4d227-562d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Stone quarries during the Roman age: petrographical and petrophysical features of granitoid rocks exploited in Calabria (Southern Italy), file dfe4d227-6942-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Fold-related deformation bands: an analogue of a shallow-burial reservoir from Numidian turbidites of Sicily, file dfe4d229-5327-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Geoscience and education: proposal of a Geo-trail at the Etna volcano, file dfe4d229-e682-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Workers' risks in asbestos contaminated natural sites, file dfe4d22a-4bde-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
3D quantitative microstructural analysis of deformation bands in sandstones and their role as regulators of fluids migration in field analogues: a potential support for reservoir geology characterization, file dfe4d22a-60f8-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Strain rates of the syn-tectonic Symvolon pluton (Southern Rhodope Core Complex, Greece): an integrated approach combining quartz paleopiezometry, flow laws and PT pseudosections, file dfe4d22a-c994-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
The Porosity in Heterogeneous Carbonate Reservoir Rocks: Tectonic versus Diagenetic Imprint—A Multi-Scale Study from the Hyblean Plateau (SE Sicily, Italy), file 654cc070-9dbf-47df-8778-e7d2d97e7764 2
Microstructural, compositional and petrophysical properties of mylonitic granodiorites from an extensional shear zone (Rhodope Core complex, Greece), file ba12050a-8a83-407c-ae80-a42fe2bd2d44 2
Poly-orogenic multi-stage metamorphic evolution inferred via P-T pseudosections: An example from Aspromonte Massif basement rocks (Southern Calabria, Italy), file dfe4d226-f74b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Alpine Metamorphism in the Aspromonte Massif: Implications for a new Framework for the Southern Sector of the Calabria-Peloritani Orogen, Italy, file dfe4d226-fd6b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Engineering geological and petrographic characterization of migmatites belonging to the Calabria-Peloritani orogen (southern Italy), file dfe4d227-2b12-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Innovative experimental approaches applied to the study of ceramics from underwater archaeological excavations, file dfe4d227-4870-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Progressively deformed rocks of the Alpine syn-tectonic Symvolón pluton (northern Greece): results from a multi-scale approach, file dfe4d227-533d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Quantitative microstructures of polycrystalline quartz aggregates in a mylonite: implication for strain-rate evaluation, file dfe4d227-65a0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
The composite framework of the southern sector of the Calabria-Peloritani Orogen, file dfe4d227-85fc-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Microstructural Investigation of Naturally Deformed Leucogneiss from an Alpine Shear Zone (Southern Calabria – Italy), file dfe4d227-881b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Microstructural, compositional and petrophysical properties of mylonitic granodiorites from an extensional shear zone (Rhodope Core complex, Greece), file dfe4d227-b756-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
The role of porosity on the engineering geological properties of 1669 lavas from Mount Etna, file dfe4d228-06a1-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Microstructural investigation on naturally deformed mylonites from a crustal scale shear zone: implication on the rheological behavior of the continental lithosphere, file dfe4d228-b794-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Strain-rate estimation of syn-tectonic plutonic rocks: a multiple approach combining paleopiezometry, flow law and PT pseudosection, file dfe4d22a-623d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Development of Petrofabric whitin granitoid mylonites and insights for the seismic behavior of the shear zone, file dfe4d22a-6ca9-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Development of petrofabric within the Kavala syn-tectonic pluton (NE Greece) and insights for the seismic behaviour of extensional shear zones, file dfe4d22a-734c-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
L’area di Colle Croce (Palagonia, Sicilia sud-orientale): studio geologico e petrografico di un potenziale geoarcheosito [Puzzling ancient artefacts: geological and petrographic investigation on a potential geoarchaeosite from Colle Croce (Palagonia area, SE Sicily)], file dfe4d22b-ae6a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the Calabria continental lower crust: the case of the Sila Piccola Massif, file dfe4d22c-18b8-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Fault-related rocks: Deciphering the structural-metamorphic evolution of an accretionary wedge in a collisional belt, NE Sicily, file dfe4d22d-8140-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Nel cuore della Sicilia: i Monti Erei, file dfe4d22e-9000-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Relationship between mylonitic features and petrophysical properties within the Kavala shear zone (NE Greece)., file 0b64d9ee-61f4-4174-a041-78fd10c796e3 1
Influence of dissolved organic matter on rare earth elements and yttrium distributions in coastal waters, file 64896d75-86fb-4a7f-8f8a-f807963ccc23 1
Microstructural and petrological investigations of a poly-orogenic shear zone: the example of the Castagna Unit - (Sila Piccola Massif), file 7dd346e0-c6b7-40ac-a994-9edbd0e0aa18 1
Caratteristiche chimico-mineralogiche dello Zolfo, file a34a4f25-b593-4393-b6ce-50f52077d460 1
Coupled Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Microtomography (SR X-ray μCT) And SEM-EDS In Characterisation Of Natural Occurrences Of Elongated Mineral Particles, file b4b63e1c-7658-4ae0-aa2f-6795f524ad27 1
Alpine re-activation of a late post-Variscan shear-zone: microstructural and petrological investigations (Sila, northern Calabria), file d34fdcec-07c0-406d-b502-d154e1afd00e 1
Integrated geological and petrographic study supporting the interpretation of ancient artefacts: the case history of Palagonia area (SE Sicily), file dfe4d226-f3e9-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Garnet-spinel-pyroxenite xenoliths from Hyblean Plateau (South-eastern Sicily, Italy), file dfe4d226-f5e3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Calabria "coast to coast": viaggio geologico-naturalistico nel Massiccio delle Serre, file dfe4d226-ff8b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Quartz c-axis texture mapping of mylonitic metapelite with rod structures (Calabria, southern Italy): clues for hidden shear flow direction, file dfe4d227-02fb-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Source and nature of inhaled atmospheric dust from trace element analyses of human bronchial fluids, file dfe4d227-2e36-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Yttrium and lanthanides in human lung fluids, probing the exposure to atmospheric fallout, file dfe4d227-4881-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Microstructural study and petrophysical characterization of naturally deformed leuco-gneisses from the Montalto shear zone (Aspromonte Massif, southern Italy), file dfe4d227-4a69-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Mono- and poly-orogenic merged chain sectors framed within the Mediterranean Alpine Mountain Belt: the example of the Calabride Composite Terrane, file dfe4d227-5fe3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
L'approccio multidisciplinare allo studio e alla valorizzazione dei Beni Culturali- Atti workshop Siracusa ottobre 2005, file dfe4d227-6675-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Changes of microstructure and elastic anisotropy in progressively sheared leucogneiss, file dfe4d227-814b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Alpine tectono-metamorphic history of the southern Calabria Peloritani Orogen basement rocks: geological and geodynamic implication, file dfe4d227-8fa4-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Integrating field, microstructural and AMS data to determine the time-relationship between granite emplacement and regional deformation: an example from Calabria (Italy), file dfe4d227-9c1b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Effect of high pressure in natural system: syn-deformation compositional changes during garnet growth in Aspromonte Massif (Calabria, Italy), file dfe4d227-b20f-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Mineralogy and geochemistry of asbestos observed in soils developed within San Severino Lucano village (Southern Italy), file dfe4d227-d3e1-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Coupled Synchrotron Radiation X-Ray Microtomography (SR X-ray μCT) And SEM-EDS In Characterisation Of Natural Occurrences Of Elongated Mineral Particles, file dfe4d228-bb3e-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Serpentinite-derived soils in southern Italy: potential for hazardous exposure, file dfe4d229-0e3f-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Microtomography investigation of ultramylonites from crustal scale shear zones and implications on the rheology of the continental lithosphere, file dfe4d229-5d4a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Rare earth elements absorption patterns in grapevine “Vitis vinifera L.” cultivated in carbonate terrains (south-eastern Sicily, Italy), file dfe4d22a-bca3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Rare earth elements distribution in grapevine varieties grown on volcanic soils: An example from Mount Etna (Sicily, Italy), file dfe4d22a-c4e1-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
X-ray synchrotron microtomography: a new technique for characterizing chrysotile asbestos, file dfe4d22b-02b7-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Occurring asbestos in agricultural soils serpentinite-metabasite derivate (Calabria, southern italy)., file dfe4d22b-768c-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
La Valle del Loddiero (Monti Iblei, Sicilia sud-orientale): un laboratorio geologico naturale [The Loddiero Valley (Hyblean Mountains, SE Sicily): a natural geological laboratory], file dfe4d22b-8bb9-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Potentially toxic elements (PTEs) associated with asbestos chrysotile, tremolite and actinolite in the Calabria region (Italy), file dfe4d22d-b8a9-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Natural Occurrence of Asbestos in serpentinite quarries from Southern Spain, file dfe4d22e-041e-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
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