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Nome #
First Report of Neofusicoccum batangarum as causal agent of bleeding cankers and decline of cactus pear (Opuntia ficus-indica) plantings in minor islands of Sicily, file dfe4d228-a686-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 302
First Report of Root and Basal Stem Rot Caused by Phytophthora cryptogea and P. inundata on Dwarf Banana (Musa acuminata) in Italy, file dfe4d228-a73a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 144
First report of root rot caused by phytophthora bilorbang on olea europaea in Italy, file dfe4d22e-17ad-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 43
Fungal Planet description sheets: 558–624, file dfe4d22c-29b4-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 32
A super absorbent polymer containing copper to control Plenodomus tracheiphilus the causative agent of mal secco disease of lemon, file 14c09289-23cf-40ec-b29b-7997bcf71e8e 28
Phytophthora root and collar rot of Paulownia, a new disease for Europe, file dfe4d22e-8881-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 22
Phytophthora cinnamomi involved in the decline of holm oak (Quercus ilex) stands in Southern Italy, file dfe4d22c-263f-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 19
Diversity and distribution of Phytophthora species in protected natural areas in Sicily, file dfe4d22c-208c-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 17
Diversity of Phytophthora Communities across Different Types of Mediterranean Vegetation in a Nature Reserve Area, file dfe4d22d-bb54-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 15
Twig and Shoot Dieback of Citrus, a New Disease Caused by Colletotrichum Species, file 3e5fec00-b5e7-4271-885a-8aeaedd7eb6a 13
Multiple new cryptic pathogenic Phytophthora species from Fagaceae forests in Austria, Italy and Portugal, file dfe4d22c-038d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 11
Transcriptomic Analysis of Orange Fruit Treated with Pomegranate Peel Extract (PGE), file dfe4d22c-039e-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 10
Decline of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) incited by Phytophthora palmivora in Vietnam, file dfe4d22a-8009-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Emerging and re-emerging fungus and oomycete soil-borne plant diseases in Italy, file dfe4d22b-c391-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Rapid detection of pityophthorus juglandis (Blackman) (coleoptera, curculionidae) with the loop-mediated isothermal amplification (lamp) method, file dfe4d22e-51e0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 8
Ubiquitious Phytophthora infestations of forest, horticultural and ornamental nurseries and plantings demonstrate major failure of plant biosecurity in Europe, file dfe4d227-5e56-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Polyketide synthases of Diaporthe helianthi and involvement of DhPKS1 in virulence on sunflower, file dfe4d228-af59-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
First Report of Heart Rot of Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Caused by Alternaria alternata in Italy, file dfe4d22a-8e19-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Revealing Cues for Fungal Interplay in the Plant–Air Interface in Vineyards, file dfe4d22b-2944-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
First report of leaf spot caused by Colletotrichum kahawae on cultivated rocket (Eruca sativa) in Italy, file dfe4d22c-1633-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 7
Two previously unknown Phytophthora species associated with brown rot of Pomelo (Citrus grandis) fruits in Vietnam, file dfe4d22a-c467-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Development and application of a quantitative PCR detection method to quantify Venturia oleaginea (Castagne) Rossman & Crous in asymptomatic olive (Olea europaea L.) leaves, file dfe4d22b-07b0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Selection processes in simple sequence repeats suggest a correlation with their genomic location: Insights from a fungal model system, file dfe4d22b-7c6a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Selection and experimental evaluation of universal primers to study the fungal microbiome of higher plants, file dfe4d22c-039d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Six new phytophthora species from ITS clade 7a including two sexually functional heterothallic hybrid species detected in natural ecosystems in Taiwan., file dfe4d22c-2639-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Bot gummosis of lemon (Citrus × limon) caused by neofusicoccum parvum, file dfe4d22e-95e0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Phytophthora heterospora sp. nov., a New Pseudoconidia-Producing Sister Species of P. palmivora, file dfe4d22e-ae3a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 6
Phytophthora prodigiosa Cacciola & M.V. Tri, sp. nov., file dfe4d227-f275-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Impact of Bactrocera oleae on the fungal microbiota of ripe olive drupes, file dfe4d22c-039c-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Major and Emerging Fungal Diseases of Citrus in the Mediterranean Region, file dfe4d22c-163e-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Do the frequency and severity of citrus diseases incited by latent fungal pathogens increase as a consequence of climatic change?, file dfe4d22e-8dfa-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
First documentation of life cycle completion of the alien rust pathogen melampsoridium hiratsukanum in the eastern alps proves its successful establishment in this mountain range, file dfe4d22e-9e53-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Co-Infections by Fusarium circinatum and Phytophthora spp. on Pinus radiata: Complex Phenotypic and Molecular Interactions, file dfe4d22e-aa90-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 5
Olive leachates affect germination of Colletotrichum godetiae conidia and the development of appressoria, file dfe4d227-47c9-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
A new approach in the monitoring of the phytosanitary conditions of forests: the case of oak and beech stands in the Sicilian Regional Parks., file dfe4d227-dbdf-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
Transferability of PCR-based diagnostic protocols: An international collaborative case study assessing protocols targeting the quarantine pine pathogen Fusarium circinatum, file dfe4d22c-0a54-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 4
The morphology, behaviour and molecular phylogeny of Phytophthora taxon Salixsoil and its redesignation as Phytophthora lacustris sp. nov., file dfe4d227-0b2d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Metabarcoding analysis of Phytophthora diversity using genus specific primers and 454 pyrosequencing, file dfe4d227-23a0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Molecular analysis of Phytophthora diversity in nursery-grown ornamental and fruit plants, file dfe4d227-269a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Olive anthracnose, file dfe4d227-2a43-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Species of the Colletotrichum gloeosporioides and C. boninense complexes associated with olive anthracnose, file dfe4d227-2c08-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Diagnostic SCAR-PCR assay for Colletotrichum clavatum, the causal agent of olive anthracnose in southern Italy, file dfe4d227-de6d-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
First Report of root rot of White Mulberry Caused by Simultaneous Infections of Phytophthora megasperma and P. multivora in Italy, file dfe4d22b-d706-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Characterization of alternaria species associated with heart rot of pomegranate fruit, file dfe4d22e-b1dc-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 3
Evaluation of a Pomegranate Peel Extract (PGE) as Alternative Mean to Control Olive Anthracnose, file 87a2295a-bdd0-4586-911c-7cf06b105f8c 2
Analisi funzionale del trascrittoma: come i patogeni batterici e fungini inducono malattia nelle piante, file dfe4d227-0583-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Mal Secco Disease Caused by Phoma tracheiphila: A Potential Threat to Lemon Production Worldwide, file dfe4d227-10a4-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Metagenomic Analysis of Fungal Diversity on Strawberry Plants and the Effect of Management Practices on the Fungal Community Structure of Aerial Organs, file dfe4d227-2872-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Development of Quantitative PCR Detection Methods for Phytopathogenic Fungi and Oomycetes, file dfe4d227-2a01-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Fomitopsis sp. causing brown rot in wood of living citrus trees reported for first time in southern Italy., file dfe4d227-2bb6-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Metabarcoding Analysis of Fungal Diversity in the Phyllosphere and Carposphere of Olive (Olea europaea), file dfe4d227-3268-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Phytophthora niederhauserii sp. nov., a polyphagous species associated with ornamentals, fruit trees and native plants in thirteen countries., file dfe4d227-495b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Spiroplasma spp.: A Plant, Arthropod, Animal and Human Pathogen, file dfe4d227-5187-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Cadmium induces cadmium-tolerant gene expression in the filamentous fungus Trichoderma harzianum, file dfe4d227-917a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Identification of differentially expressed genes in response to mercury I and II stress in Trichoderma harzianum, file dfe4d227-ae51-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
A foliar disease of European hackberry endemic in Sicily, file dfe4d227-dd81-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Heart rot and soft rot of pomegranate fruit in southern Italy, file dfe4d22a-aeb0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Characterization of Phytophthora infestans populations in northwestern Algeria during 2008-2014, file dfe4d22b-fad9-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Penicillium polonicum causing a postharvest soft rot of cactus pear fruits., file dfe4d22c-2088-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Widespread Phytophthora infestations in European nurseries put forest, semi-natural and horticultural ecosystems at high risk of Phytophthora diseases., file dfe4d22c-2491-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
New insights into scabby canker of opuntia ficus-indica, caused by neofusicoccum batangarum, file dfe4d22e-73d6-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Is genetic resistance of olive cultivars to anthracnose still effective after a shift of the Colletotrichum population associated to the disease?, file dfe4d22e-7837-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 2
Phytophthora pseudocryptogea, P. nicotianae and P. multivora Associated to Cycas revoluta: First Report Worldwide, file be320874-b5e2-47eb-b5ba-28f2fbc5c7e1 1
AFLPs detect low genetic diversity for Phytophthora nemorosa and P. pseudosyringae in the US and Europe, file dfe4d226-f8d4-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
First Report of Phytophthora taxon niederhauserii Causing Root and Stem Rot of Mimosa in Italy, file dfe4d227-0033-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Detection of mRNA by reverse-transcription PCR as an indicator of viability in Phytophthora ramorum., file dfe4d227-0675-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
A molecular method to assess Phytophthora diversity in environmental samples, file dfe4d227-0676-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Malattie fungine degli agrumi, file dfe4d227-0ce6-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Covalent selection of the thiol proteome on activated thiol sepharose: A robust tool for redox proteomics, file dfe4d227-118e-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Analyses of the population structure in a global collection of Phytophthora nicotianae isolates inferred from mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences, file dfe4d227-2a83-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Implications of cysteine metabolism in the heavy metal response in Trichoderma harzianum and in three Fusarium species, file dfe4d227-2b40-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
First Report of Phytophthora × pelgrandis Causing Root Rot and Lower Stem Necrosis of Common Box, Lavender and Port-Orford-Cedar in Hungary., file dfe4d227-2c30-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Use of Quantitative PCR Detection Methods to Study Biocontrol Agents and Phytopathogenic Fungi and Oomycetes in Environmental Samples, file dfe4d227-392f-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Development of real-time PCR systems based on SYBR® Green 1 and Taqman® technologies for specific quantitative detection of Phoma tracheiphila in infected Citrus, file dfe4d227-395b-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Phytophthora × pelgrandis causes root and collar rot of Lavandula stoechas in Italy, file dfe4d227-3a25-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Colletotrichum clavatum sp. nov. identified as the causal agent of olive anthracnose in Italy, file dfe4d227-40d4-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
A tracheomycosis as a tool for studying the impact of stem xylem dysfunction on leaf water status and gas exchange in Citrus aurantium L, file dfe4d227-4a2c-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Impairment of leaf hydraulics in young plants of Citrus aurantium (sour orange) infected by Phoma tracheiphila, file dfe4d227-4ab4-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
New platforms for the diagnosis and identification of fungal and bacteria pathogens, file dfe4d227-4e4f-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Olive anthracnose, file dfe4d227-52e0-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Le malattie dell’olivo: dalla collera degli Dei ai postulati di Koch, file dfe4d227-80d8-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Root and crown rot of olive caused by Phytophthora spp, file dfe4d227-8392-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Analysis of the Fungal Diversity in Citrus Leaves with Greasy Spot Disease Symptoms., file dfe4d22a-c2cb-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Postharvest fungal diseases of cactus pear fruit in southern Italy, file dfe4d22b-3ef8-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Elicitation of resistance responses in grapefruit and lemon fruits treated with a pomegranate peel extract, file dfe4d22b-c324-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Genetic Analysis of Phytophthora nicotianae Populations from Different Hosts Using Microsatellite Markers, file dfe4d22b-fad8-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Quantitative detection of Colletotrichum godetiae and C. acutatum sensu stricto in the phyllosphere and carposphere of olive during four phenological phases, file dfe4d22c-2635-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Analisi della microflora presente nel pastazzo e principi biologicamente attivi nell'era post-genomica, file dfe4d22c-52e3-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Identificazione dell'agente causale dell'antracnosi (macchia nera) del basilico in Liguria come Colletotrichum destructivum s.l., file dfe4d22d-010a-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
An effective low environmental impact strategy for controlling citrus green mould by a new natural biostimulant and reduced doses of Imazalil, file dfe4d22e-9739-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
Population structure of Phytophthora infestans collected on potato and tomato in Italy, file dfe4d22e-b411-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
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