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FR - Francia 5
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CZ - Repubblica Ceca 3
EG - Egitto 3
IR - Iran 3
NL - Olanda 3
TR - Turchia 3
DE - Germania 2
DZ - Algeria 2
MY - Malesia 2
SN - Senegal 2
UA - Ucraina 2
VN - Vietnam 2
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AU - Australia 1
BD - Bangladesh 1
CO - Colombia 1
DK - Danimarca 1
IL - Israele 1
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Chennai 2
Dakar 2
Delhi 2
Forlì 2
Mashhad 2
Slim River 2
Spoleto 2
Tirupur 2
Ain Beida 1
Al Mansurah 1
Amman 1
Atlanta 1
Baharampur 1
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto 1
Bedford 1
Belgrade 1
Bengaluru 1
Boardman 1
Bresso 1
Cachan 1
Cartagena 1
Cernusco sul Naviglio 1
Citta 1
Council Bluffs 1
Doha 1
Dong Ket 1
Erzurum 1
Fremont 1
Groningen 1
Haag am Hausruck 1
Hanoi 1
Hradec Králové 1
Hyderabad 1
Kakinada 1
Makhachkala 1
Modena 1
Mountain View 1
Muggiò 1
Naples 1
Nashville 1
Newcastle upon Tyne 1
Pavia 1
Qiryat Yam 1
Rajshahi 1
Rome 1
Sannomaru 1
Svartsjo 1
Thrissur 1
Tirunelveli 1
Trabzon 1
Turin 1
Vijayawada 1
Évry 1
Totale 326
Nome #
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Optimization of Maximum Torque per Ampere Profiles for Sensored and Sensorless Controlled IPMSMs, file dfe4d227-6886-bb0a-e053-d805fe0a78d9 1
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