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Milan 3
Niscemi 3
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Toshima 3
Alexandria 2
Cadoneghe 2
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Citta 2
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Salerno 2
Vittoria 2
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Avellino 1
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Boydton 1
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Cerro al Lambro 1
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Dodoma 1
Envigado 1
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Gravina di Catania 1
Hanoi 1
Haz-Zebbug 1
Imsida 1
Istanbul 1
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Lacey 1
Lahore 1
Lake Forest 1
Leiderdorp 1
Lipari 1
Matera 1
Monza 1
Naples 1
Panderma 1
Pavullo Nel Frignano 1
Peterborough 1
Porcari 1
Reggio Calabria 1
Roorkee 1
San Diego 1
San Nicola la Strada 1
San Valentino Torio 1
Serra 1
Sydney 1
Teramo 1
Timaru 1
Toronto 1
Trento 1
Trieste 1
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Nome #
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