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Embodied negation and levels of concreteness: A {TMS} study on German and Italian language processing, file 69344823-d43f-4ac0-aa53-c74ccdee5521 5
Affordances, adaptive tool use and grounded cognition, file c62596cb-9646-49ca-9f00-5f4a8b5aa3ea 3
Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of the motor cortex reveals long term GABA change following anodal Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation, file f0ea5b4c-8b70-414a-b5c7-ed760b9c9f78 3
The unimanual handle-to-hand correspondence effect: evidence for a location coding account, file f1897353-e0da-4d90-8f50-75fa4ed1b486 3
Interactive effects between gaze direction and facial expression on attentional resources deployment: The task instruction and context matter, file 2da2f28c-f04e-4249-83f9-e1aab469a3c7 2
The prominent role of perceptual salience in object discrimination: overt discrimination of graspable side does not activate grasping affordances, file 546da879-7bbd-47ff-b413-5b2a2de531a7 2
Motor sequence learning in patients with ideomotor apraxia: Effects of long-term training, file 5ef38583-6ec3-4d00-9cea-daa29e79f5af 2
Influence of temporal overlap on time course of the Simon effect, file 74e44df1-677d-41d9-8311-c5f2ec7c2dfb 2
Gender Effects in Observation of Robotic and Humanoid Actions, file 9242633b-046a-41b5-af5f-eb962568fb45 2
Correspondence effect driven by salient visual asymmetries in integral object stimuli, file 97658302-ae26-4bf7-9782-45f1c45e4683 2
Increasing striatal dopamine release through repeated bouts of theta burst transcranial magnetic stimulation of the left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. A 18F-desmethoxyfallypride positron emission tomography study, file bf603105-ac39-4f41-a57b-13f827dd1d3f 2
Anthropomorphic or non-anthropomorphic? Effects of biological sex in observation of actions in a digital human model and a gantry robot model, file c1dc249c-7eab-4aff-a02d-b4dd4a1d6fc1 2
null, file 1186f10e-ef8e-4c59-ba3a-955d2e994a22 1
Interhemispheric vs. stimulus-response spatial compatibility effects in bimanual reaction times to lateralized visual stimuli, file 13364af1-7dc4-4177-8d14-30f9998f1cf2 1
Le nostre reazioni di fronte ai guadagni e alle perdite, file 18ab831e-40f3-4080-9c34-4ec50dba231e 1
Real-life motor training modifies spatial performance: The advantage of being drummers, file 25660251-ec14-404d-810b-95ab5778f6d6 1
Emotional attention: Effects of emotion and gaze direction on overt orienting of visual attention, file 5289dbc7-6d40-4eba-a939-442bbe69c260 1
Editorial: Bridging the theories of affordances and limb apraxia, file 58cd3c4a-2aa8-4055-bc09-f93ef1729b54 1
The Simon effect with conventional signals a time-course analysis, file 696ad8f8-baa4-40aa-8938-f699993e9337 1
Effects of stimulus-stimulus short-term memory associations in a Simon-like task, file 8456d17f-b865-4b53-9907-53a9e5244674 1
Respiratory function modulated during execution, observation, and imagination of walking via SII, file 9879ca20-7ff8-4169-925e-3ec29128178b 1
No overall right-left prevalence for horizontal and vertical Simon effects, file ac4bac36-03eb-44d5-87c3-18741cfe5c79 1
Simon effect with central stimuli: A time-course analysis, file b2110f24-cfaf-446a-82db-2efc43721f24 1
Gaze direction and facial expressions exert combined but different effects on attentional resources, file d4de4d53-8112-4541-99f8-8573cd7b04c0 1
On the relationship between affordance and Simon effects: Are the effects really independent?, file ef0d10e7-70e5-40dc-9f1c-0f99948d4516 1
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