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Exogenous pigmentation of the sole mimicking in situ acral melanoma on dermoscopy 1-gen-2012 Lacarrubba, F.; Dall'Oglio, F.; Dinotta, F.; Micali, G.
Results of a multicenter, randomized, controlled trial of a hydrogen peroxide-based kit versus a benzoyl peroxide-based kit in mild-to-moderate acne 1-gen-2016 Veraldi, Stefano; Micali, Giuseppe; Berardesca, Enzo; Dall'Oglio, Federica Aurelia; Sinagra, Jo Linda; Guanziroli, Elena
Noncorticosteroid Combination Shampoo versus 1% Ketoconazole Shampoo for the Management of Mild-to-Moderate Seborrheic Dermatitis of the Scalp: Results from a Randomized, Investigator-Single-Blind Trial Using Clinical and Trichoscopic Evaluation. 1-gen-2016 Dall'Oglio, Federica Aurelia; Lacarrubba, FRANCESCO MARIA; Verzi', ANNA ELISA; Micali, Giuseppe
Gonadal function in men with early onset androgenetic alopecia : evidence for the male polycistyc ovary syndrome-equivalent existence 1-gen-2017 Cannarella, Rossella; Condorelli, ROSITA ANGELA; LA VIGNERA, SANDRO SALVUCCIO MARIA; Dall'Oglio, Federica Aurelia; Mongioi', LAURA MARIA; Vicari, Enzo Saretto; Micali, Giuseppe; Calogero, Aldo Eugenio
Treatment of Multiple-Resistant and/or Recurrent Cutaneous Warts with Squaric Acid Dibutylester: A Randomized, Double-blind, Vehicle-controlled Clinical Trial 1-gen-2017 Dall'Oglio, Federica; Luca, Maria; Barresi, Sebastiano; Micali, Giuseppe
Effects of oral supplementation with fos and gos prebiotics in women with adult acne: The “s.o. sweet” study: A proof-of-concept pilot trial 1-gen-2018 Dall’Oglio, Federica; Milani, Massimo; Micali, Giuseppe
Erythema-directed digital photography for the enhanced evaluation of topical treatments for acne vulgaris 1-gen-2018 Micali, G; Dall'Oglio, F; Tedeschi, Aurora; Lacarrubba, F
Licochalcone a in combination with salicylic acid as fluid based and hydroxy-complex 10% cream for the treatment of mild acne: A multicenter prospective trial 1-gen-2019 Dall'Oglio, F.; Fabbrocini, G.; Tedeschi, A.; Donnarumma, M.; Chiodini, P.; Micali, G.
Clinical and erythema-directed imaging evaluation of papulo-pustular rosacea with topical ivermectin: a 32 weeks duration study 1-gen-2019 Dall'Oglio, F.; Lacarrubba, F.; Luca, M.; Boscaglia, S.; Micali, G.
Clinical and instrumental evaluation of a new topical non-corticosteroid antifungal/anti-inflammatory/antiseborrheic combination cream for the treatment of mild-to-moderate facial seborrheic dermatitis 1-gen-2019 Dall'Oglio, F.; Lacarrubba, F.; Luca, M.; Boscaglia, S.; Granger, C.; Micali, G.
Acne fulminans 1-gen-2020 Dall'Oglio, F.; Puglisi, D. F.; Nasca, M. R.; Micali, G.
Increased DHEAS and Decreased Total Testosterone Serum Levels in a Subset of Men with Early-Onset Androgenetic Alopecia: Does a Male PCOS-Equivalent Exist? 1-gen-2020 Cannarella, R; Condorelli, Rosita; Dall'Oglio, F; La Vignera, S; Mongioi', LAURA MARIA; Micali, G; Calogero, Ae.
Inter-observer evaluation of erythema-directed photography for the assessment of erythema and telangiectasias in rosacea 1-gen-2020 Dall'Oglio, F.; Verzi, A. E.; Lacarrubba, F.; Giuffrida, G.; Milani, M.; Micali, G.
Association of Frontal Fibrosing Alopecia with Facial Papules and Lichen Planus Pigmentosus in a Caucasian Woman 1-gen-2020 Verzi, A. E.; Lacarrubba, F.; Dall'Oglio, F.; Micali, G.
Clinical evidences of urea at medium concentration 1-gen-2020 Dall'Oglio, F.; Tedeschi, A.; Verzi, A. E.; Lacarrubba, F.; Micali, G.
A novel azelaic acid formulation for the topical treatment of inflammatory rosacea: A multicentre, prospective clinical trial 1-gen-2021 Dall'Oglio, F.; Tedeschi, A.; Lacarrubba, F.; Fabbrocini, G.; Skroza, N.; Chiodini, P.; Micali, G.
Treatment of cradle cap in infants with a new cosmetic non-steroidal gel cream: Clinical, laboratory, and instrumental evaluation 1-gen-2021 Micali, G.; Pulvirenti, N.; Dall'Oglio, F.; Tedeschi, A.; Quattrocchi, E.; Lacarrubba, F.
Erythema-directed digital photography and colorimeter scores correlate with rosacea erythema evaluation in patients under treatment with topical ivermectin 1-gen-2021 Dall'Oglio, F.; Lacarrubba, F.; Micali, G.
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