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Adaptive Navigation Control of an Active Smart Walker 1-gen-2023 Borgese, A.; Guastella, D. C.; Sutera, G.; Biondo, A.; Muscato, G. file da validare
Tether-Based Localization for Cooperative Ground and Aerial Vehicles 1-gen-2022 Borgese, A.; Guastella, D. C.; Sutera, G.; Muscato, G.
Interfacce utenti immersive per la teleoperazione 1-gen-2022 Livatino, Salvatore; Muscato, Giovanni file da validare
Low-Cost Microcontroller Based Implementation of Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control for Front-End Power Converters 1-gen-2022 Aiello, G.; Mancuso, F.; Gennaro, F.; Mormina, V.; Scelba, G.; Cacciato, M.; Muscato, G.
Automatic Image Labelling for Deep-Learning-Based Navigation of Agricultural Robots 1-gen-2022 Guastella, Dario Calogero; Rua, Gaetano; Longo, Domenico; Muscato, Giovanni file da validare
An integrated platform of smart objects supporting the quality of life of frail people 1-gen-2021 Ando', Bruno; Baglio, Salvatore; Cantelli, Luciano; Castorina, Salvatore; Crispino, Ruben; Debono Carl, J.; Guastella, DARIO CALOGERO; Marletta, Vincenzo; Muscato, Giovanni; Sutera, Giuseppe; Sacco, Matthew; Borgese, Andrea
An introduction to patterns for the internet of robotic things in the ambient assisted living scenario 1-gen-2021 Andò, Bruno; Cantelli, L.; Catania, V.; Crispino, R.; Guastella, D. C.; Monteleone, S.; Muscato, G.
Intuitive Robot Teleoperation through Multi-Sensor Informed Mixed Reality Visual Aids 1-gen-2021 Livatino, S.; Guastella, D. C.; Muscato, G.; Rinaldi, V.; Cantelli, L.; Melita, C. D.; Caniglia, A.; Mazza, R.; Padula, G.
A lightweight magnetic gripper for an aerial delivery vehicle: design and applications 1-gen-2021 Sutera, Giuseppe; Guastella, Dario Calogero; Muscato, Giovanni
An Obstacle Avoidance Strategy Using an Indoor Localization System 1-gen-2021 Ando, B.; Cantelli, L.; Castorina, S.; Crispino, R.; Guastella, D. C.; Marletta, V.; Muscato, G.; Sutera, G.
Highlights on some Robots and Drones for Hazardous Environments 1-gen-2021 Borgese, Andrea; Cantelli, Luciano; Guastella, Dario Calogero; Sutera, Giuseppe; Muscato, Giovanni
Test of Automotive Battery Management System Control Strategies on Hardware-in-the-Loop Systems: A Low-Voltage Approach 1-gen-2021 Pernaci, Christian; Muscato, Giovanni; Scandurra, Antonio file da validare
Domain Adaptation for Outdoor Robot Traversability Estimation from RGB data with Safety-Preserving Loss 1-gen-2020 Palazzo, Simone; Guastella, Dario C.; Cantelli, Luciano; Spadaro, Paolo; Rundo, Francesco; Muscato, Giovanni; Giordano, Daniela; Spampinato, Concetto
Preface of the “Geomatics approaches for environmental surveying and modelling” 1-gen-2020 Mangiameli, M.; Mussumeci, G.; Muscato, G.; Melita, D. file da validare
Learning-Based Methods of Perception and Navigation for Ground Vehicles in Unstructured Environments: A Review 1-gen-2020 Guastella, DARIO CALOGERO; Muscato, Giovanni
A Novel Design of a Lightweight Magnetic Plate for a Delivery Drone 1-gen-2020 Sutera, G.; Guastella, D. C.; Muscato, G.
A Multi-Robot System for Thermal Vision Inspection 1-gen-2020 Sutera, G.; Borgese, A.; Guastella, D. C.; Cantelli, L.; Muscato, G.
Low-Altitude Terrain-Following Flight Planning for Multirotors 1-gen-2020 Melita, CARMELO DONATO; Guastella, DARIO CALOGERO; Cantelli, Luciano; Di Marco, Giuseppe; Minio, Irene; Muscato, Giovanni
Preface Symposium N°63: Geomatics Approaches for Environmental Surveying and Modelling 1-gen-2019 Mangiameli, Michele; Muscato, Giovanni; Mussumeci, Giuseppe; Melita, C. D. file da validare
Coverage path planning by swarm of UAVs for UGV traversability analysis 1-gen-2019 Cantelli, L.; Guastella, D. C.; Longo, D.; Melita, C. D.; Muscato, G. file da validare
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 308
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