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Nome #
Prevalence of hypertension and microalbuminuria in adult type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetic patients without renal failure in Italy. I. Validation of screening techniques to detect microalbuminuria 165
Analisi del fenotipo in soggetti con diagnosi di diabete autoimmune dell'adulto (LADA) confrontati con pazienti con diabete mellito tipo 2 84
Outcome of the Diffuse Sclerosing Variant of Papillary Thyroid Cancer: A Meta-Analysis 68
Trapianti e diabete 55
A ten-year (1989-1998) perspective study of the incidence of Type 1 diabetes in the district of Catania (Sicily) in a 0-14 year age group 53
The effect of beta-adrenergic receptors blockade and stimulation on TSH secretion in man. 53
Validazione della versione italiana del Well-Being Questionnaire e del Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire 51
Validation of the Italian version of the WHO-Well_being Questionnaire (WHO-WBQ) and the WHO-Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire (WHO-DTSQ) 50
Metformin inhibits androgen-induced IGF-IR upregulation in prostate cancer cells by disrupting membrane-initiated androgen signaling 49
A radioimmunoassay for human thyroglobulin: methodology and clinical applications. 49
A novel RET gene mutation in a patient with apparently sporadic pheochromocytoma 49
Diabete e talassemia 48
Spontaneous fluctuations of Human Placental Lactogen during normal pregnancy. 48
Association of autoimmune thyroid diseases, chronic atrophic gastritis and gastric carcinoid: experience from a single institution 48
Alternative site blood glucose testing:a multicenter study 48
Il diabete ddoppio 47
Effect of dexamethasone on triiodothyronine (T-3) response to TSH. 47
TRH-TSH-T3 test in the study of hypotalamus-pituitary-thyroid diseases. 47
Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion (CSII) vs multiple daily insulin injections (MDI) in type 1 diabetes: effects on blood glucose variability 47
Alterazioni della funzione diastolica in pazienti con diabete tipo 2 neodiagnosticato 47
Response to synthetic thyrotropin releasing hormone in man. Preliminary report 46
The epidemiology and immunogenetics of IDDM in Italian-heritage populations. Diabetes Epidemiology Research International (DERI) Study Group. 46
Thyrotropin and prolactin response to intraspinal TRH administration in man. 46
17beta-estradiol up-regulates the insulin-like growth factor receptor through a nongenotropic pathway in prostate cancer cells 46
Efficacy of real-time glucose continuous glucose monitoring on glycaemic control and glucose variability in type 1 diabetic patients treated with either insulin pumps or multiple insulin injection therapy: a randomized controlled crossover trial 46
Effects of either LT4 monotherapy or LT4/LT3 combined therapy in patients totally thyroidectomized for thyroid cancer 45
Un diabete difficile da inquadrare 45
Arterial hypertension and microalbuminuria in IDDM: the Italian Microalbuminuria Study. 45
"Al cuore" del diabete 44
Non solo glicemia 44
The effect of short-term T-3 administration on T-4 response to exogenous TSH in man. 44
Valutazione della macroangiopatia e della retinopatia in pazienti con diabete mellito tipo 2 e nefropatia conclamata 44
L’analogo dell’insulina Lispro riduce i picchi iperglicemici post-prandiali in soggetti con diabete tipo 2 43
Type 2 Diabetic patients with Graves' Disease have more frequent and severe Graves’ orbitopathy 43
Increased thyroid cancer incidence in a basaltic volcanic area is associated with non-anthropogenic pollution and biocontamination 43
False-positive findings on (131)I whole-body scans because of posttraumatic superficial scbs 42
Insulin and its analogs:actions via insulin and IGF receptors 42
Worldwide increasing incidence of thyroid cancer:update on epidemiology and risk factors 42
The contemporary assumption of methimazole and acetominophen caused drug-induced liver injury in a female patient with Graves’ disease and ophthalmopathy: a case report 42
Addition of bedtime NPH Insulin in type II diabetic patients with secondary failure to oral hypoglicemic agents (OHA) improves metabolic control 42
The IGF system in thyroid cancer:new concepts 42
Several site-specific cancers are increased in the volcanic area in Sicily 41
Evaluation of Albumin Excretion Rate in Overnight Versus 24-h Urine 41
Papillary Thyroid microcarcinomas: a comparative study of the characteristics and risk factors at presentation in two cancer registries 41
Clinical and socio-economic correlates of quality of life and treatment satisfaction in patients with type 2 diabetes 41
Ruolo prognostico dello status linfonodale alla diagnosi sull’evoluzione clinica di 4292 pazienti tiroidectomizzati per carcinoma differenziato della tiroide (CDT). 41
Analisi dei fattori di rischio amputativo dell'ulcera del piede in una popolazione di soggetti con diabete mellito 41
Una strana ipoglicemia 40
Effect of dexamethasone on thyroid hormone response to TSH. 40
Una diabetica anemica 40
Un ictus precoce 40
Fluvastatin Increases AQP2 Urine Excretion in a Dyslipidemic Patient with Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus: An In Vivo and In Vitro Study 40
Addition of either pioglitazone or a sulfonylurea in type 2 diabetic patients inadequately controlled with metformin alone:impact on cardiovascular events. A randomized controlled trial 40
Incidence of type I diabetes in the district of Catania, Sicily. 40
Increased thyroid cancer incidence in a basaltic volcanic area is associated with non-anthropogenic pollution and biocontamination. 40
Alternative site blood glucose testing: a multicenter study. 40
Una bambina con frequenti disturbi respiratori 39
The diagnostic use of the rh-TSH thyroglobulin test in differentiated thyroid cancer patients with persistent disease and low thyroglobulin levels 39
Graves' orbitopathy:extraocular muscle/total orbit area ratio is positively related to the Clinical Activity Score 39
Secondary prevention of macrovascular events in patients with type 2 diabetes in the PROactive Study (PROspective pioglitAzone Clinical Trial In macroVascular Events): a randomised controlled trial 39
Selective Insulin Receptor Modulators (SIRM): A New Class of Antidiabetes Drugs? 38
Inhibition by L-triiodothyronine and dexamethasone of TSH response to thyrotropin releasing hormone in man. 38
The diagnostic use of the rhTSH/thyroglobuulin test in differentiated thyroid cancer patients with persistent disease and low thyroglobulin levels 38
WHO Multinational Project for Childhood Diabetes. WHO Diamond Project Group. 38
Long-term outcome of patients with insular carcinoma of the thyroid 38
The antiepileptic drug carbamazepine can cause adrenal insufficiency in patients under hormone replacement therapy for congenital adrenal hyperplasia 38
Il coma iperosmolare 37
Ruolo dell’aggiornamento del personale infermieristico sull’assistenza al paziente diabetico: valutazione del risultato di 6 corsi teorico-pratici. 37
Una giovane diabetica "superobesa" 37
Metabolismo intracellulare del complesso insulina-recettore nei monociti di soggetti normali e con diabete mellito non insulino- dipendente (tipo II). 37
L'ipostaturalismo somatotropo-dipendente. 37
Donna con alterazioni della glicemia e aborti ripetuti 37
Prevenzione del rischio ulcerativo ed utilizzo dei presidi ortopedici in pazienti con diabete di tipo 2: follow-up a 2 anni 37
Impact of post-operative radioiodine remnant abalation in differentiated thyroid cancer according to risk categories. 37
Latero-cervical lymph node metastases (N1b) represent an additional risk factor for papillary thyroid cancer outcome 37
Distribuzione e tipologia ecotomografica delle lesioni macrocircolatorie nel diabete mellito tipo II 37
Echography at "high resolution" in the diagnosis of cervical lymphadenopathies in follow-up of thyroid carcinoma 36
The Thyrotropic hormone 36
Longitudinal study on goiter prevalence and goitrogen factors in northeastern Sicily 36
Insulin analogues differently activate insulin receptor isoforms and post-receptor signalling 36
Effects of fatty acids on beta-cell survival. 36
Il diabete mellito è fattore di rischio addizionale nei pazienti con orbitopatia di Graves' 36
Diabete tipo 2 36
Clinical and molecular mechanisms favoring cancer initiation and progression in diabetic patients 36
Seasonal Variations in TSH Serum Levels in Athyreotic Patients under L-Thyroxine Replacement Monotherapy. 36
Comment on: Yang et al. (2010) Associations of Hyperglycemia and Insulin Usage With the Risk of Cancer in Type 2 Diabetes: The Hong Kong Diabetes Registry. Diabetes;59:1254-1260 36
Thyroid Cancer in the Pediatric Age in Sicily: Influence of the Volcanic Environment 36
Progressione della retinopatia diabetica in soggetti in terapia insulinica con microinfusore o glargine: effetti del compenso e della variabilità glicemica 35
Healing of chronic necrobiosis lipoidica lesions in a type 1 diabetic patient after pancreas-kidney transplantation: a case report 35
Consideration on preliminary results from triiodothyronine (T-3) catabolism and distribution studies in man. 35
Usefulness of recombinant human thyrotropin in the radiometabolic treatment of selected patients with thyroid cancer 35
Donna con perdita di peso, poliuria, polidipsia 34
Increased serum thyroglobulin levels in patients with nontoxic goiter. 34
False-positive findings on 131-I whole-body scans because of posttraumatic superficial scabs 34
Sleep-associated Growth Hormone release in schizophrenia. 34
Retinopatia diabetica e complicanze croniche in una ampia casisitica di pazienti con diabete mellito di tipo 2 34
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