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AS - Asia 736
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UA - Ucraina 709
CN - Cina 689
CA - Canada 234
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IE - Irlanda 216
RU - Federazione Russa 211
DE - Germania 180
SE - Svezia 76
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CH - Svizzera 26
VN - Vietnam 24
GB - Regno Unito 23
UZ - Uzbekistan 14
AT - Austria 13
NL - Olanda 13
GR - Grecia 12
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EU - Europa 9
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 6
LB - Libano 5
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EG - Egitto 1
ES - Italia 1
IL - Israele 1
IN - India 1
JP - Giappone 1
PE - Perù 1
TR - Turchia 1
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Jacksonville 668
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Nanjing 237
Dublin 216
Andover 213
Lawrence 213
Cambridge 208
Toronto 189
Houston 170
Grafing 130
San Mateo 115
Des Moines 114
Wilmington 78
Nanchang 73
Shenyang 68
Catania 62
Changsha 58
Hebei 57
Jiaxing 47
Kyiv 42
Ottawa 41
Tianjin 41
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Boardman 37
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Moscow 28
Nocera Inferiore 27
Dong Ket 24
Ashburn 22
Jinan 19
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Redmond 12
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Kunming 11
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Ningbo 8
Ragusa 8
Zhengzhou 8
Frankfurt Am Main 7
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Ann Arbor 6
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Dalmine 5
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Torino 4
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Cuggiono 3
Fuzhou 3
Haikou 3
Lausanne 3
Licata 3
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Redwood City 3
Rome 3
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Scicli 3
Caravaggio 2
Dearborn 2
Fremont 2
Genoa 2
Groningen 2
Kiev 2
Lanzhou 2
Ludwigshafen 2
Shanghai 2
Terni 2
Woodbridge 2
Abano Terme 1
Aci Sant'antonio 1
Berlin 1
Bhubaneswar 1
Bologna 1
Bordighera 1
Cagliari 1
Canberra 1
Canicattini Bagni 1
Fairfield 1
Foligno 1
Grammichele 1
Guangzhou 1
Haifa 1
Larbert 1
Lima 1
Madrid 1
Magenta 1
Messina 1
Motta di Livenza 1
Mountain View 1
New York 1
Padova 1
Paris 1
Qingdao 1
San Francisco 1
Siracusa 1
Sydney 1
São Paulo 1
Totale 4050
Nome #
Application of a Geographical Information System to Plan Energy Policy at a Neighborhood Scale 205
On Energy distribution in Cities: A model based on complex networks 46
A procedure for the Optimization of Air Quality Monitoring Networks 43
Neural prediction of combustion instability 42
On the effect of gravity on the bifurcation of rectangular closed-loop thermosiphon 42
Laminar natural convection in a vertical isothermal channel with symmetric surface-mounted rectangular ribs 40
Numerical analysis of a cylindrical cavity with one rotating wall 40
Città e sostenibilità energetica. Il contributo della morfologia urbana nella mitigazione degli effetti dei cambiamenti climatici 40
A new approach to the modelling of vortex-based suction cups for climbing robot adhesion 39
Application of the Complex Network Theory in Urban Environments. A Case Study in Catania 39
Numerical investigation of natural circulation in a 2D-annular closed-loop thermosyphon 38
Designing on optimal controller for rectangular natural circulation loops 38
An Analytical Solution for the Stationary Behaviour of Binary Mixtures and Pure Fluids in a Horizontal Annular Cavity 38
A Cellular Neural Networks Approach to Flame Image Analysis for Combustion Monitoring 38
Dynamic control for a natural circulation loop 37
Designing an optimal controller for rectangular natural circulation loops 37
A Virtual Instrument for the Analysis of Objective Acoustic Parameters 37
A fuzzy approach for the elaboration of traffic information, 37
Sensitivity Analysis for Room Thermal Response 37
A procedure for the Optimisation of Air Quality Monitoring Networks 36
Integration of complex networks for urban energy mapping 36
A mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) model for the evaluation of CHP system in the contest of hospital structures 36
A Neural Network Architecture for Noise Identification 36
The role of autonomous energy production systems in urban energy networks 36
A cost-based approach for evaluating the impact of a network of distributed energy systems on the centralized energy supply 36
A model for mapping the energy consumption of buildings, transport and outdoor lighting of neighbourhoods 35
Numerical Analysis of General Trends in Single-Phase Natural Circulation in a 2D-Annular Loop 35
Controlling natural convection in a closed thermosiphon using neural networks 35
Analysis of Air Pollution Sensor Mapping in Urban Areas 35
Cellular Neural Networks (CNNs)and Applications: An Introduction 35
Prediction of biomass pyrolysis plant products 35
Energy performance measurement, monitoring and control for buildings of public organizations: Standardized practises compliant with the ISO 50001 and ISO 50006 35
Improvement of a district Heating Network Through Thermoeconomic Approach 34
A Procedure for the Optimization of Air Quality Monitoring Network 34
Un sistema di automazione per il disegno progettuale di strutture in carpenteria metallica 34
Using genetic algorithms and the exergonomic approach to optimize district heating networks 33
Nonlinear Analysis of a Rectangular Natural Circulation Loop 33
Assessment of Thermal Discomfort in Non-Uniformly Heated Enclosures. Two Indexes in the Time-Space Domain 33
Design parameters influencing the operation of a CHP plant within a micro-grid: Application of the ANOVA test 33
Steady and unsteady natural circulation in a single-phase 2D-annular loop 32
Noise prediction in urban traffic by a neural approach 32
Neural networks versus regression techniques for noise prediction in urban areas 32
La problematica del rumore negli ambienti di lavorazione degli agrumi 32
A Neural Model for Natural Convection Control 32
Complex networks for the integration of distributed energy systems in urban areas 32
Bifurcations of natural convection flows from an enclosed cylindrical heat source 31
Monitoring combustion unstable dynamics by means of control charts 31
Determinazione dei coefficienti pressori per edifici zootecnici 31
A High-Resolution Resistive Probe for Nonlinear Analysis of Two-Phase Flows 31
Application of neural dynamic optimization to combustion-instability control 31
Towards lower carbon cities: urban morphology contribution in climate change adaptation strategies 31
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Vapotron Effect: Analysis in Time Domain 30
Exergonomic Optimisationo of a Heat Exchanger with Two Phase Refrigerant 30
Confronto del Comportamento di Circuiti a Circolazione Naturale 30
A model for urban traffic evaluation 30
Comparison of Innovative Approaches to Noise Pollution Evaluation 30
Applicazione di un modello matematico delle miscele gas-vapore ad un eiettore 30
Preface [36th UIT Heat Transfer Conference] 30
Application of a mapping tool to plan energy saving at a neighborhood scale 30
Assessment of an innovative representation tool for experimental complex dynamics of air-water two phase flows in vertical pipes 29
Analisi di biforcazione della dinamica di un circuito a circolazione naturale al variare della gravità 29
An Innovative Approach to the Modeling of Natural Circulation 29
Thermodynamic Effects of the Thermal Conductivity Dependence upon Temperature in Two-Dimensional Heat Conduction 29
A multi-layer agent-based model for the analysis of energy distribution networks in urban areas 29
The centralized energy supply in a network of distributed energy systems: A cost-based mathematical approach 29
A Modeling Strategy for Rectangular Thermal Convection Loops 29
A Non-Linear Approach for the Analysis and Modelling of the Dynamics of Systems Exhibiting Vapotron Effect 28
Numerical simulations of natural convection in a single-phase 2D-annular loop 28
Determinazione dei coefficienti pressori per edifici zootecnici 28
An Ordinary Differential Model for Rectangular Circulation Loops 28
Convezione Naturale in Canali Verticali in Serie e con Ostruzioni 28
Artificial intelligence for efficient energy use in urban areas 28
An optimization tool for the assessment of urban energy scenarios 28
Determining the optimal configuration of a heat exchanger (with a two-phase refrigerant) using exergoeconomics 28
A High Resolution Resistive Probe for Nonlinear Analysis of Two-Phase Flows 27
Bio Fluid Dynamic of an Experimental Apparatus for the Simulation of the Human Cardiocirculatory Apparatus 27
A Neural Controller for Thermoacoustic Combustion Instability 27
Analisi Numerica della Convezione Naturale in un Canale Verticale con una Sorgente Termica 27
UHI effects and strategies to improve outdoor thermal comfort in dense and old neighbourhoods 27
Analysis of the bifurcating orbits on the route to chaos in confined thermal convection 27
Non-Linear Dynamics of Air-Water Mixtures in Vertical Pipes: Experimental Trends 27
Acoustical prediction in some Italian theatres 27
Phase-Space Description of Unstable Dynamics of a Lean Premixed Gas Turbine Combustor 26
Validazione sperimentale di un modello numerico per l'analisi dei campi di moto e di pressione dell'aria in un edificio zootecnico 26
Comparison of the experimental dynamics of water and FC43 in a closed-loop thermosyphon 26
A Study of Chaotic Behaviour of a Lean Premixed Gas Turbine Combustor 26
Neural network-based prediction of the oscillating behaviour of a closed loop thermosyphon 26
Fuzzy logic versus neural network techniques in an identification problem 26
Development of renewable energy in Sicily 25
Numerical Analysis of a Cylindrical Cavity with One Rotating Wall 25
Self-organising map to filter acoustic mapping survey in noise pollution analysis 25
Confronto del Comportamento di Circuito a Circolazione Naturale 25
Fault Detection in Autovehicle Using Acostic Signal Processing 25
Application of Recurrence Analysis to the period doubling cascade of a confined buoyant flow  25
An analytical model for natural convection in a rectangular enclosure with differentially heated vertical walls 25
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