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Nome #
Quality of life in parents of children with cerebral palsy: is it influenced by the child's behaviour? 252
Characteristics of the electromyographic patterns of lower limb muscles during gait in patients with Parkinson's disease when OFF and ON L-Dopa treatment 218
Analisi del Movimento: Stato dell’arte 61
Assessment of muscle overactivity and spasticity with dynamic polyelectromyography and motion analysis 59
Anti-inflammatory role of vitamin D in muscle dysfunctions of patients with COPD: a comprehensive review. 59
Application of a scorable neurologic examination to near-term infants: longitudinal data 55
A favore del potenziamento muscolare nel trattamento delle paralisi cerebrali infantili 54
Learning and consolidation of postural skills by exercise on balance board 53
Biotecnologia e handicap motorio: l’analisi del movimento umano 51
Timing of muscle response to a sudden leg perturbation: comparison between adolescents and adults with Down syndrome 51
Opposite changes of pituitary and ovarian receptors for LHRH in ageing rats: further evidence for a direct neural control of ovarian LHRH receptor activity 51
A retrospective study of botulinum toxin type a treatments of patients with spasticity of lower limbs 50
Analisi del cammino di bambini con paralisi cerebrale infantile: modificazioni della cinetica della caviglia dopo trattamento con tossina botulinica di tipo A 50
Quantitative analysis of upright standing in adults with late-onset Pompe disease 50
Relationship between accuracy and complexity when learning underarm precision throwing 50
Effects of botulinum toxin–A on gait velocity, step length, and base of support of patients with dynamic equinovarus foot 50
Analysis of ankle kinetics during walking in individuals with Down Syndrome 49
Neuroendocrineimmunology (NEI) at the turn of the century: towards a molecular understanding of basic mechanisms and implications for reproductive physiopathology 48
Functional organization of thalamic projections to the motor cortex: An anatomical and electrophysiological study in the rat 48
Application of gait analysis in the evaluation of botulinum toxin for equinus foot in adults with hemiparesis 48
Development of the forward parachute reaction and the age of walking in near term infants: a longitudinal observational study 48
Aging of the reproductive-neuroimmune axis. A crucial role for the hypothalamic neuropeptide luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone 48
The pendulum test as a tool to evaluate passive knee stiffness and viscosity of patients with rheumatoid arthritis 47
Aspetti nutrizionali in bambini con paralisi cerebrale infantile 47
Alterazioni elettroencefalografiche del sonno notturno in soggetti con atrofia cortico-cerebellare familiare 47
Upregulation of lymphocyte beta-adrenergic receptor in Down's syndrome: a biological marker of a neuroimmune deficit 46
Malattia di Parkinson: analisi del cammino 46
Changes in sleep spindle activity of subject with chronic somatosensitive and sensorial deficits. Preliminary results. 46
Characterization of the antinociceptive effects of a ganglioside derivative in rodents 46
Spinal Cord Stimulation in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome: Effects on Posture and Gait-A Preliminary 3D Biomechanical Study 44
Therapeutic perspectives in psychoneuroendocriimmunology (PNEI): potential role of phosphatidylserine in neuroendocrine-immune communications 43
Standing postural control in adults with muscular dysfunction caused by Glycogenosis type II. 43
Effetti della terapia enzimatica sulla postura eretta in adulti con disfunzione muscolare causata dalla malattia di Pompe 42
Maternal exposure to the antiepileptic drug vigabatrin affects postnatal development in the rat 42
Caratteristiche elettroencefalografiche del sonno in soggetti con lesione paleo e neocerebellare 42
Phosphatidylserine counteracts physiological and pharmacological suppression of humoral immune response. 41
Spectrum of gross motor and cognitive functions in children with cerebral palsy: Gender differences 41
Selective improvements in balancing associated with offline periods of spaced training 41
Specificity of foot configuration during bipedal stance in ballet dancers 41
Early neurologic assessment in pre-term infants: integration of traditional neurologic examination and observation of general movements 41
Motor responses to microstimulation of the medullary pyramidal tract in the cat 40
Responsiveness to sensory cues using the Timed Up and Go test in patients with Parkinson's disease: A prospective cohort study 40
Changes in the cranio-cervical junction in Down's syndrome 39
Neurological assessment in infants discharged from a neonatal intensive care unit. 39
The ascending pathway from the lateral cerebellar nucleus to the contralateral motor cortex. An anatomo-functional study in the rat 39
Changes induced by L-Dopa and sensory cues on the gait of Parkinsonians patients 39
Amata, O., Scalisi, E., Conti, A., Umana, G., Cioni, M. Bardet-biedl syndrome late diagnosis with a great disability: A case report 39
Gender differences of gait in Parkinson’s disease (PD): preliminary results 38
La forza muscolare in adolescenti con sindrome di Down: valutazione isocinetica dei muscoli estensori del ginocchio 37
Levodopa effect on electromyographic activation patterns of tibialis anterior muscle during walking in Parkinson’s disease. 37
Ovarian adrenergic nerves directly participate in the control of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone and beta-adrenergic receptors during puberty: a biochemical and autoradiographic study. 37
Strength deficit of knee extensor muscles of individuals with Down syndrome from childhood to adolescence 37
The use of Wartenberg test in adolescents and adults with Down syndrome: an analysis of knee extensor muscle activation patterns. 36
Ricostruzione tridimensionale al personal computer di lesioni a carico del sistema nervoso centrale 36
Age-related changes in mobility evaluated by the timed up and go test instrumented through a single sensor 36
Quantitative analysis of knee joint mobility in adult with Down syndrome 35
Functional assessments of the knee joint biomechanics by using pendulum test in adults with Down syndrome 35
Quantitative analysis of knee joint mobility in adults with Down Syndrome 34
Effects of enzyme replacement therapy on standing posture in patients with Pompe disease 34
Therapeutic perspectives in psychoneuroendocrinimmunology (PNEI): potential role of phosphatidylserine in neuroendocrine-immune communications. 34
The setting and its role in the evaluation of gait of children with cerebral palsy 34
Is the Wartenberg test a useful tool to evaluate the clinical course of rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? A pilot study 34
Prognostic value of a scorable neurological examination from 3 to 12 months post-term age in very preterm infants: A longitudinal study 34
Physiological electromyographic activation patterns of trunk muscles during walking 33
Comportements inadéquats et étiologie de la déficience mentale. Conditions d'une différentiation étiologique des déficients mentaux: perspectives de cette intervention 33
Neuromotor development in infants with cerebral palsy investigated by the Hammersmith Infant Neurological Examination during the first year of age 33
Opioid-immune interactions in autism: behavioural and immunological assessment during a double-blind treatment with naltrexone 32
Le strategie del compenso nella neurolesione invalidante: l'apporto farmacologico 32
Strength lateralization in Down Sindrome: an isokinetic evaluation 32
Gait analysis of Individuals with Down Syndrome 31
Effects of ankle muscle activations during gait in Parkinson’s disease 31
Neurochemical and behavioural effects of intrauterine exposure to vigabatrin and lamotrigine in the rat: a double blind and placebo controlled study 31
Relationships between muscle architecture of rectus femoris and functional parameters of knee motion in adults with Down syndrome 31
Differenze legate al sesso dello sviluppo cognitivo e motorio nei bambini con paralisi cerebrale 30
Learning and consolidation of postural skills by exercise on balance board 30
Effects of sensory cues and L-Dopa on gait movement and muscle activation patterns in patients with Parkinson’s disease 30
Evaluation of muscle fatigue of individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) by a standing heel-rise test: a pilot study 29
Valutazione della fatica muscolare di individui con sclerosi multipla (SM) mediante lo standing heel rise test: uno studio pilota 29
Changes in the gait of patients with Parkinson's disease induced by sensory cues and L-dopa 29
Learning Upright Standing on a Multiaxial Balance Board 28
Gait patterns of a patient with myoclonus of a lower limb, when OFF and ON treatment with antiepileptic drugs 28
Il ruolo dell’analisi del movimento per la decisione clinica nell’ictus cronico.Ottobre , 2006, Empoli 27
The projection to the motor cortex of the subnucleus lateralis parvocellularis, in the rat. An anatomo-functional study 27
Is the Wartenberg test a useful tool to evaluate the clinical course of rheumatoid arthritis (RA)?A pilot study 27
Infant neurological examination from 3 to 12 months: predictive value of the single items 27
Patterns of muscle activation during gait in subjects with Down sindrome (DS) 26
La valutazione neurologica precoce: confronto fra General Movements ed esame neurologico tradizionale in un campione di 903 neonati pretermine 26
Effetti della L-Dopa sui patterns di attivazione dei m.m. tricipite della sura e tibiale anteriore durante il cammino nella malattia di Parkinson 26
The anatomo-functional organization of the paleo- and neo-dentate projections to the motor cortex in the rat 26
Delayed benefits from spaced training when learning a precision throwing task 26
Parametri spazio-temporali del cammino di pazienti con piede equinovaro dinamico dopo denervazione chimica con tossina botulinica 25
Ovarian LHRH receptors increase following lesions of the major LHRH structures in the rat brain: involvement of a direct neural pathway 25
The use of Wartenberg test in adolescente and adults with Down Syndrome: an analysis of knee extensor muscle activation patterns 24
Functional assessment of knee joint mobility in adult persons with Down syndrome 24
Botulinum toxin type-A (BoNT-A) treatment interventions in stroke, traumatic brain injury and adults with cerebral palsy related muscle overactivity. A 5 year retrospective study 24
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