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NA - Nord America 1455
EU - Europa 1063
AS - Asia 202
AF - Africa 29
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 4
OC - Oceania 2
SA - Sud America 1
Totale 2756
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 1389
IE - Irlanda 529
IT - Italia 232
CN - Cina 167
UA - Ucraina 163
CA - Canada 66
RU - Federazione Russa 50
SN - Senegal 29
DE - Germania 22
SE - Svezia 20
FR - Francia 12
VN - Vietnam 12
GB - Regno Unito 9
IN - India 9
CH - Svizzera 5
AT - Austria 4
EU - Europa 4
UZ - Uzbekistan 4
AU - Australia 2
BG - Bulgaria 2
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 2
GR - Grecia 2
IR - Iran 2
LB - Libano 2
NL - Olanda 2
NO - Norvegia 2
PL - Polonia 2
RO - Romania 2
SG - Singapore 2
TR - Turchia 2
BE - Belgio 1
BR - Brasile 1
EE - Estonia 1
FI - Finlandia 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
KR - Corea 1
Totale 2756
Città #
Chandler 590
Dublin 527
Jacksonville 190
Cambridge 96
Lawrence 95
Catania 72
Andover 58
Nanjing 56
Toronto 48
Des Moines 34
Dakar 29
Nanchang 22
San Mateo 22
Boardman 20
Wilmington 17
Ottawa 16
Bremen 14
Saint Petersburg 14
Shenyang 14
Taormina 11
Dong Ket 10
Jiaxing 10
Lipari 10
Tianjin 10
Changsha 9
Hebei 9
Rome 7
Beijing 6
Civitavecchia 6
Falls Church 6
Hangzhou 6
Hyderabad 6
Messina 6
Milan 6
Moscow 6
Gela 5
San Leandro 5
Avola 4
Duncan 4
Jinan 4
Ningbo 4
Norwalk 4
Palermo 4
Paterno 4
Ramacca 4
Verrua Po 4
Zhengzhou 4
Fairfield 3
Frankfurt Am Main 3
Guangzhou 3
Roccapiemonte 3
Santa Teresa Di Riva 3
Turin 3
Aci Sant'Antonio 2
Ashburn 2
Canberra 2
Chieti 2
Hanoi 2
Hanover 2
Horia 2
Kiev 2
Kish 2
Liberty Lake 2
Licata 2
Menlo Park 2
Milazzo 2
Padova 2
Ragusa 2
Redmond 2
Richmond 2
Rosolini 2
Trondheim 2
Agrate Brianza 1
Amsterdam 1
Ann Arbor 1
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto 1
Barletta 1
Bastia umbra 1
Belpasso 1
Berlin 1
Bern 1
Caserta 1
Central 1
Centuripe 1
Comiso 1
Den Haag 1
Grafing 1
Haikou 1
Helsinki 1
Houston 1
Khandagiri 1
Kunming 1
Lastra a Signa 1
Lausanne 1
Lentini 1
Monmouth Junction 1
Monterotondo 1
Mountain View 1
Mumbai 1
Namur 1
Totale 2192
Nome #
Langmuir-schafer films of an amphiphilic ruthenium complex bearing an "almost naked" multicharged headgroup 50
Acetone sensing and modelling by low-cost NiO nanowalls 50
Commutatori molecolari. Nanostrutture e sistemi fotocontrollati di complessi di rutenio multifunzionali 49
Absolute rate constants and transient intermediates in the free-radical-induced peroxidation of gamma-terpinene, an unusual hydrocarbon antioxidant 45
Novel photoactive self-assembled monolayer for immobilization and cleavage of DNA 44
Highly photoresponsive monolayer-protected gold clusters by self- assembly of a cyclodextrin-azobenzene-derived supramolecular complex 43
Graphene oxide nanohybrid that photoreleases nitric oxide 43
Mimotopi conformazionali per il rilevamento di anticorpi specifici 43
Supramolecular activation of the photodynamic properties of porphyrinoid photosensitizers by calix [4]arene nanoassemblies 42
Piezoelectric sensor functionalised by a self-assembled bipyridinium derivative: characterisation and preliminary applications in the detection of heavy metal ions 42
Silicon nitride surfaces as active substrate for electrical DNA biosensors 42
Ultrasensitive Label- and PCR-Free Genome Detection Based on Cooperative Hybridization of Silicon Nanowires Optical Biosensors 42
Light-controlled nitric oxide generation from a novel self-assembled monolayer on a gold surface 41
Inductive Integrated Biosensor With Extended Operative Range for Detection of Magnetic Beads for Magnetic Immunoassay 41
Irreversible photo-oxidation of propranolol triggered by self-photogenerated singlet molecular oxygen 40
A novel silicon based mags-biosensor for nucleic acid detection by magnetoelectronic transduction 40
An advanced, silicon-based substrate for sensitive nucleic acids detection 40
Novel self-assembled monolayers of dipolar Ruthenium(III/II) pentaammine(4,4'-bipyridinium) complexes on ultrathin platinum films as redox molecular switches 39
Functionalization of Bulk SiO2 Surface with Biomolecules for Sensing Applications: Structural and Functional Characterizations 39
A miniaturized silicon based device for Nucleic Acids electrochemical Detection 37
Miniaturized and multi-purpose electrochemical sensing device based on thin Ni oxides 37
Molecular switches. Nanostructures and light-controlled systems of multifunctional ruthenium complexes 37
Light-triggered DNA release by dynamic monolayer films 35
Room temperature detection and modelling of sub-ppm NO2 by low-cost nanoporous NiO film 35
Optically transparent, ultrathin Pt films as versatile metal substrates for molecular optoelectronics 34
The photochemistry of flutamide and its inclusion complex with beta-cyclodexarin. Dramatic effect of the microenvironment on the nature and on the efficiency of the photodegradation pathways 34
Langmuir-Schafer films of a new calix[4]pyrrole-based macrocycle exhibiting induced chirality upon binding with chiral alcohol vapours 34
Monitoring photoswitching of azobenzene-based self-assembled monolayers on ultrathin platinum films by UV/Vis spectroscopy in the transmission mode 33
Langmuir-Schäfer Films of a Tailored Calyx[4]Pyrrole as Active Layers in Chemical Sensors 33
“The photochemistry of Flutamide and its inclusion complex with beta-cyclodestrin. Dramatic effect of the microenvironment on the nature and on the efficiency of the photodegradation pathways” 33
An innovative chemical strategy for PCR-free genetic detection of pathogens by an integrated electrochemical biosensor 32
A novel paper-based biosensor for urinary phenylalanine measurement for PKU therapy monitoring 32
Photochemical outcome modification of diflunisal by a novel cationic amphiphilic cyclodextrin 31
Caratterizzazione delle proprietà “free-radical scavenging” del resveratrolo e suoi derivati 31
A capacitive readout strategy for ammonia detection: Design flow, modeling and simulation 31
Use of nitroaniline derivatives for the production of nitric oxide 30
“Langmuir-Schaefer films of a new calix[4]pyrrole-based macrocycle. Active layers for chemical recognition of alcohol vapours” 30
Electrochemical switching of chromogenic monolayers self-assembled on transparent platinum electrodes 29
Direct spectroscopic evidence that the photochemical outcome of flutamide in a protein environment is tuned by modification of the molecular geometry: A comparison with the photobehavior in cyclodextrin and vesicles 29
An innovative silicon-chip for sensitive real time PCR improvement in pathogen detection 28
Biofriendly Route to Near-Infrared-Active Gold Nanotriangles and Nanoflowers through Nitric Oxide Photorelease for Photothermal Applications 28
Photobinding of flutamide to phospholipid vesicles: Additional evidence for photoprocesses unexpectedly triggered by conformational changes in the bilayer 27
Multivalent mesoporous silica nanoparticles photo-delivering nitric oxide with carbon dots as fluorescence reporters 27
Advanced skin lesion discrimination pipeline for early melanoma cancer diagnosis towards PoC devices 27
Method and system for producing optically Transparent Noble Film 26
The Role of Dielectrophoresis for Cancer Diagnosis and Prognosis 25
Langmuir-Schaefer films of new calix[4]pyrrole-based macrocycle exhibiting induced chirality upon differentiated binding with chiral alcohol vapours 24
The photochemistry of flutamide and its inclusion complex with beta-cyclodextrin. Dramatic effect of the microenvironment on the nature and on the efficiency of the photodegradation pathways 24
One-Step Photochemical Green Synthesis of Water-Dispersible Ag, Au, and Au@Ag Core–Shell Nanoparticles 24
Sulfidic Habitats in the Gypsum Karst System of Monte Conca (Italy) Host a Chemoautotrophically Supported Invertebrate Community 24
Ionic strength-controlled hybridization of KRAS single-nucleotides: A Surface Plasmon Resonance study 23
A Capacitive Sensor, Exploiting a YSZ Functional Layer, for Ammonia Detection 22
Hydrogen atom abstraction from resveratrol and two lipophilic derivatives by tert-butoxyl radicals. A laser flash photolysis study RID E-4684-2011 22
Luminescent CeCl3 nanoparticles by Tris(1,1,1,5,5,5-hexafluoro-2,4-pentanedionato)cerium diglyme photolysis in chlorinated solvents 22
A novel facile one-pot synthesis of photothermally responsive carbon polymer dots as promising drug nanocarriers 22
Metodo per il trattamento antibatterico di una superficie solida 22
Au, Pd and maghemite nanofunctionalized hydroxyapatite scaffolds for bone regeneration 22
A Miniaturized Electrochemical System Based on Nickel Oxide Species for Glucose Sensing Applications 21
Organic electrically bistable material and its use for producing a memory switch. 21
The Biophysics of Nucleic Acids Sensing by Hybridization on a Lab-on-Chip Device 20
Redox switchable self-assembled monolayers of functional ruthenium(III/II) complexes on optically transparent platinum electrodes 20
A multistate ensemble of molecular switches 20
Facile light-triggered one-step synthesis of small and stable platinum nanoparticles in an aqueous medium from a beta-cyclodextrin host-guest inclusion complex 20
Photodelivery of nitric oxide from water-soluble platinum nanoparticles 20
Photochemical process for decorating surfaces with nanoparticles 20
A Novel Lab-on-Disk System for Pathogen Nucleic Acids Analysis in Infectious Diseases 19
Reversible light-driven redox switching of multifunctional dipolar ruthenium(III/II) pentaammine(4,4 '-bipyridinium) complexes 19
The cooperative interaction of triplex forming oligonucleotides on DNA-triplex formation at electrode surface: Molecular dynamics studies and experimental evidences 19
Dual-functional nano-functionalized titanium scaffolds to inhibit bacterial growth and enhance osteointegration 19
A novel miniaturized biofilter based on silicon micropillars for nucleic acid extraction 18
Sulfide species optical monitoring by a miniaturized silicon photomultiplier 18
Surface runoff alters cave microbial community structure and function 18
Photochemical Synthesis of β-Cyclodextrin/Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles as Photothermal Agents for Photothermal-Induced Enzymatic Reaction 17
Biosensori: progressi ed applicazioni in clinica diagnostica 17
A bridge-like solution for Universal Microarray applications 17
4.2.2 InCheck System: a Highly Integrated Silicon Labonchip for Sample Preparation, PCR Amplification and Microarray Detection Towards the Molecular Diagnostics Point-of-care 17
An Innovative Optical Chem-Sensor Based on a Silicon Photomultipliers for the Sulfide Monitoring 16
Sulfidic spring in the gypsum karst system of monte conca (Italy): Chemistry and microbiological evidences 16
A Miniaturized Silicon Lab-on-Chip for Integrated PCR and Hybridization Microarray for High Multiplexing Nucleic Acids Analysis 16
Magnetic Beads Compatibility as DNA Hybridization Labels in Integrated Thermal-Magnetic Biosensor 16
Innovative IgG Biomarkers Based on Phage Display Microbial Amyloid Mimotope for State and Stage Diagnosis in Alzheimer's Disease 16
Miniaturized real-time PCR on a Q3 system for rapid KRAS genotyping 16
Method for producing optically transparent noble metal films 16
Computational study of novel pentacene derivatives: Prediction of structural, electronic, and optical properties 15
Carbon dots as promising tools for cancer diagnosis and therapy 15
Miniaturized electrochemical biosensor based on whole-cell for heavy metal ions detection in water 15
Rapid detection of bacterial pathogens in blood through engineered phages-beads and integrated Real-Time PCR into MicroChip 15
Is this the real time for genomics? 14
Antimicrobial effect and cytotoxic evaluation of MG-doped hydroxyapatite functionalized with au-nano rods 14
Langmuir-Schäfer Film of Calix[4]pyrrole Exhibiting Sensing Properties with Gas Anesthetic Agent Sevoflurane 13
Enhancement of PCR Reaction Efficiency by Gold-Nanoparticles Immobilized at Microreactor Surface 13
Innovative Lab-on-Disk Technology for Rapid and Integrated Analysis of Pathogen Nucleic Acids 13
Miniaturized electrochemical cells for sensing applications: Silicon device containing three planar microelectrodes for electrochemical sensing 12
Organic electrically bistable materials for non-volatile memory applications 12
Electrically actuated microfluidic biosensors: A novel silicon 48 microwells device for biosensing applications 12
The MC1R single nucleotide polymorphisms identification by DNA-microarray on miniaturized silicon chip 12
A Nonlinear Pattern Recognition Pipeline for PPG/ECG Medical Assessments 12
INCREASE: Innovative Nanostructured CaRbon based deliverysystem for photothermal triggered drug release 12
Lab-on-Disk Platform for KRAS Mutation Testing 11
Totale 2613
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