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Nome #
The commitment of the GISIO-SItI to contrast Healthcare-Associated Infections and the experience of prevalence studies in Sicily [Il contributo del GISIO-SItI nella lotta alle Infezioni Correlate all'Assistenza e l'esperienza degli studi di prevalenza in Sicilia] 608
Unveiling the role of DNA methylation in kidney transplantation: Novel perspectives toward biomarker identification 131
Diet, genetic and epigenetic signatures in women of childbearing age from a Mediterranean population: perspectives for public health. 120
Interazione gene-ambiente: il futuro della prevenzione delle malattie multifattoriali 55
Safe Management Strategies in Clinical Forensic Autopsies of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 51
The association between complement factor H rs1061170 polymorphism and age-related macular degeneration: a comprehensive meta-analysis stratified by stage of disease and ethnicity 48
Antibiotic Consumption and Resistance during a 3-Year Period in Sicily, Southern Italy 43
Maternal Dietary Patterns Are Associated with Pre-Pregnancy Body Mass Index and Gestational Weight Gain: Results from the "Mamma & Bambino" Cohort 42
Active surveillance of nosocomial infections in urologic patients 41
Cluster analysis identifies patients at risk of catheter-associated urinary tract infections in intensive care units: findings from the SPIN-UTI Network 40
A machine learning approach to predict healthcare-associated infections at intensive care unit admission: findings from the SPIN-UTI project 39
Compliance with guidelines on antibiotic prophylaxis in hip and knee arthroplasty in Italy: results of the GISIO-ISChIA project 38
Circulating miRNAs profiles in tourette syndrome: molecular data and clinical implications 38
The Role of Folate and of MTHFR C677T Polymorphism in Healthy Young Women 38
Hospital hygiene in Italy: the GISIO-SItI survey 38
Primary vitrectomy for degenerative and tractional lamellar macular holes: A systematic review and meta-analysis 38
Low fruit consumption and folate deficiency are associated with LINE-1 hypomethylation in women of a cancer-free population 37
The Link Between MTHFR C677T Polymorphism, Folate Metabolism and Global DNA Methylation: A Literature Review 37
Il progetto "Choosing Wisely - Igiene ospedaliera del GISIO-SITI e ANMDO: risultati dello studio pilota 37
Trends, risk factors and outcomes of health care associated infections within the Italian network SPIN-UTI. 36
Adozione di uno strumento per l'analisi delle cause profonde (RCA) delle infezioni del sito chirurgico nel contesto ospedaliero italiano 36
DAPK1 promoter methylation and cervical cancer risk: a systematic review and a meta-analysis 35
Detection of genetically modified DNA sequences in milk from the Italian market 35
Single nucleotide polymorphisms in vitamin D receptor gene affect birth weight and the risk of preterm birth: Results from the “mamma & bambino” cohort and a meta-analysis 35
De Novo Cancer Incidence and Prognosis After Kidney Transplantation: A Single Center Analysis 35
HACCP nell’industria dolciaria: la granita siciliana 34
Risk of surgical site infection in older patients in a cohort survey: targets for quality improvement in antibiotic prophylaxis 33
General anesthesia, conscious sedation, or nothing: Decision-making by children during painful procedures 33
B(a)P adduct levels and fertility: A cross sectional study in a Sicilian population 33
Appropriate perioperative antibiotic prophylaxis: challenges, strategies and quality indicators 32
Non compliance to therapeutic prescriptions in paediatrics patients: role of social communication 32
Alert surveillance of intensive care unit-acquired Acinetobacter infections in a Sicilian hospital 32
La sorveglianza della tubercolosi in Sicilia. 32
Analysis of the terrestrial isopod community of the humid coastal area of “Saline di Trapani e Paceco” in relation to plant and environmental parameters (Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscidea) 32
Accesso ai servizi per pazienti extracomunitari: software dedicato per la gestione delle informazioni e la progettazione degli interventi 32
Epidemiologic surveillance of Acinetobacter baumannii colonization and infection in ICU patients 32
Detection of trichothecene producting Fusarium spp. by PCR: adaptation, validation and application to fast food 31
Folate deficiency is not associated with increased mitochondrial genomic instability: results from dietary intake and lymphocytic mtDNA 4977-bp deletion in healthy young women in Italy 31
Disseminazione clonale e fattori di rischio per l'acquisizione di Acinetobacter baumannii multi-resistente nella terapia intensiva neonatale dell'A.O.U. "Federico II" di Napoli 31
Acetabular revisions using porous tantalum components: A retrospective study with 5-10 years follow-up 31
Curcumin Modulates DNA Methyltransferase Functions in a Cellular Model of Diabetic Retinopathy 31
Environmental health risk communication in the case “Terra dei Fuochi”: content analysis of online newspaper articles 31
Quality of life in young people with Tourette syndrome: a controlled study 30
Validation of Armadillo officinalis Dumèril, 1816(Crustacea,Isopoda, Oniscidea) as a bioindicator: In vivo study of air benzene exposure. 30
Integrated approach of nutritional and molecular epidemiology, mineralogical and chemical pollutant characterisation: The protocol of a cross-sectional study in women 30
Dietary folate intake and folic acid supplements among pregnant women from southern Italy: Evidence from the “mamma & bambino” cohort 30
Epidemiology and Control of Urinary Tract Infections in Intensive Care Patients 29
Adolescenti a rischio nutrizionale: studio pilota e analisi delle corrispondenze multiple 29
Association between DAPK1 Promoter Methylation and Cervical Cancer: a Systematic Review and a Meta-analysis. 29
Association between Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Polymorphisms and Age-Related Macular Degeneration: An Updated Meta-Analysis 29
Influence of maternal diet, obesity and smoke on fetal growth: a cohort study in Italy 29
Indicators of Intensive Care Unit-acquired infections and mortality: trends in five ICUs in Catania 29
Near-infrared fluorescent cholangiography - real-time visualization of the biliary tree during elective laparoscopic cholecystectomy 29
Prevalence of surgical site infections before and after the implementation of a multimodal infection control program. 28
Molecular epidemiology tools in the management of healthcare-associated infections: towards the definition of recommendations [L’epidemiologia molecolare nella gestione delle infezioni correlate all’assistenza: verso la definizione di raccomandazioni condivise] 28
LINE-1 hypomethylation in blood and tissue samples as an epigenetic marker for cancer risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis 28
Antibiotic consumption and resistance: results of the SPIN-UTI project of the GISIO‐SItI 28
Cosa c’è di nuovo sulle infezioni correlate all’assistenza ed uso di antibiotici nelle strutture residenziali per anziani in Italia? I risultati del progetto europeo HALT2 28
Adesione alle line guida per la profilassi antibiotica perioperatoria: i risultati delle due edizioni del progetto ISChIA 28
An integrated approach to control ICU-associated infections focusing on antimicrobial consumption and resistance rates 28
A Combined Multidisciplinary Intervention for Health Promotion in the Workplace: A Pilot Study 28
Controllo del rischio di Polmonite associata ad intubazione in terapia intensiva: risultati del progetto SPIN-UTI del GISIO-SItI 27
Infezione da Papillomavirus Umano e Vaccinazione: Conoscenze e Ruolo dei Medici di Medicina Generale 27
Clonal spread and patients’ risk factors for extensively drug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii acquisition in a neonatal intensive care unit in Italy 27
Nosocomial infections in heart surgery patients: active surveillance in two italian hospitals 27
Predictive clinical and hematological factors in the differential diagnosis between malignancy and arthritis in children: a case-control study 27
Appropriatezza della diagnosi prenatale invasiva: analisi e valutazione dei risultati di 8 anni di villocentesi e amniocentesi a Catania 27
Aspetti gestionali degli outbreak causati da alcuni “alert organism”, responsabili di infezioni correlate all’assistenza: dall’indagine epidemiologica dei casi clinici alla tipizzazione molecolare dei germi sentinella 27
Burkholderia cepacia complex in cystic fibrosis and non cystic fibrosis patients:identification of a cluster of epidemic lineages 27
Dieta mediterranea e metilazione globale del DNA in una popolazione di donne sane: epigenomica per la sanità pubblica. 27
Dieta mediterranea, carenza di folati e stili di vita in donne giovani a rischio di cervico-carcinoma. 27
Big data per la sanità pubblica: opportunità e criticità 27
Emergenza rifiuti; La comunicazione dei rischi ambientali per la salute: il caso terra dei fuochi. In: Gestione dei rifiuti dalla produzione allo smaltimento 27
Echinococcosis — Rare Locations and Uncommon Clinical Manifestations 27
A multidisciplinary approach to the study and conservation of Cetaceans in the Mediterranean area. 27
Effects of Vitamin D Supplementation During Pregnancy on Birth Size: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials 27
Comparison of Self-Administered Web-Based and Interviewer Printed Food Frequency Questionnaires for Dietary Assessment in Italian Adolescents 27
Determinants of Adherence to the Mediterranean Diet: Findings from a Cross-Sectional Study in Women from Southern Italy 27
A retrospective, Italian multicenter study of complex abdominal wall defect repair with a Permacol biological mesh 27
The "Obiettivo Antibiotico" Campaign on Prudent Use of Antibiotics in Sicily, Italy: The Pilot Phase 27
Il network SPIN-UTI del GISIO 26
Association between high expression of natural killer related-genes (NCAM/CD94) and early death during induction in children with acute myeloid leukemia 26
Assessment of patient-to-patient transmission of healthcare-associated infections: integrating laboratory data with patient-based surveillance 26
Identificazione di due cluster epidemici di infezioni nosocomiali da Acinetobacter baumanni in una Unità di Terapia Intensiva di un ospedale siciliano 26
Tutela della salute dei consumatori dal rischio di micotossicosi 26
Molecular Epidemiology of Burkholderia cepacia isolated from CF patients in Italy 26
Klebsiella pneumoniae in terapia intensiva: diffusione clonale intra- ed inter-ospedaliera 26
Surveillance of antibiotic consumption and of bacterial resistance in an Italian Intensive Care Unit: targets for effective control measures 26
Burkholderia cepacia complex: evoluzione delle prospettive nel controllo dell’infezione 26
Access to prenatal cytogenetic diagnosis in Catania: a retrospective survey 26
Residenza, dieta e metilazione del DNA: studio cross-sectional a Catania 26
Human papillomavirus infection: low-risk and high-risk genotypes in women in Catania, Sicily 26
Characterization of SIRT1/DNMTs Functions and LINE-1 Methylation in Patients with Age-Related Macular Degeneration 26
Associazione tra profili nutrizionali, BMI pre-gestazionale ed incremento ponderale in una coorte di donne in gravidanza. 26
Body mass index is related to short term retinal worsening in type 2 diabetes patients treated with anticancer drugs 26
Role of gene polymorphisms in multifactorial diseases: nutritional status and acne vulgaris 25
Proposta di un approccio integrato per la prevenzione delle infezioni del sito chirurgico (ISC) in interventi di protesi articolari: progetto di sorveglianza attiva prospettica delle infezioni, linee di prevenzione e analisi dei costi e dei benefici. Risultati preliminari 25
Epidemiologia di Acinetobacter baumannii multiresistenti: target per gli interventi di controllo 25
Epidemiologia delle infezioni da Burkholderia cepacia in fibrosi cistica: analisi molecolare ed ultrastrutturale di ceppi circolanti in Sicilia 25
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