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Halloysite Nanotubes: Smart Nanomaterials in Catalysis 20
Exploiting the interaction between halloysite and charged PNAs for their controlled release 10
Modification of halloysite lumen with dopamine derivatives as filler for antibiofilm coating 7
Synthesis and characterization of nanomaterial based on halloysite and hectorite clay minerals covalently bridged 7
Synthesis and Characterization of Halloysite-Cyclodextrin Nanosponges for Enhanced Dyes Adsorption 6
Metodo per la preparazione di nanocompositi antibatterici 6
Supramolecular Association of Halochromic Switches and Halloysite Nanotubes in Fluorescent Nanoprobes for Tumor Detection 6
Stereoselective synthesis of substituted tetrahydropyran via 6-exo and 6-endo selenoetherification 6
Ecocompatible Halloysite/Cucurbit[8]uril Hybrid as Efficient Nanosponge for Pollutants Removal 6
Multifunctional halloysite and hectorite catalysts for effective transformation of biomass to biodiesel 6
Efficient microwave-mediated synthesis of fullerene acceptors for organic photovoltaics 5
Sequential Suzuki/Asymmetric Aldol and Suzuki/Knoevenagel Reactions Under Aqueous Conditions 5
Photostability assessment of natural pyrethrins using halloysite nanotube carrier system 5
A competitive reactivity study on the oxidative cyclization of thiosemicarbazones into 1,3,4-thiadiazolidines 5
Dual drug-loaded halloysite hybrid-based glycocluster for sustained release of hydrophobic molecules 4
A synergic nanoantioxidant based on covalently modified halloysite-trolox nanotubes with intra-lumen loaded quercetin 4
A spectrofluorimetric study of binary fluorophore-cyclodextrin complexes used as chiral selectors 4
Functionalized halloysite nanotubes: Efficient carrier systems for antifungine drugs 4
Photoluminescent hybrid nanomaterials from modified halloysite nanotubes 4
Effect of halloysite nanotubes filler on polydopamine properties 4
Exploring the cellular uptake of hectorite clay mineral and its drug carrier capabilities 4
Silver nanoparticles stabilized by a polyaminocyclodextrin as catalysts for the reduction of nitroaromatic compounds 4
Ciprofloxacin carrier systems based on hectorite/halloysite hybrid hydrogels for potential wound healing applications 3
Ecotoxicity of halloysite nanotube–supported palladium nanoparticles in Raphanus sativus L 3
Covalently modified nanoclays: synthesis, properties and applications 3
Nanoformulations based on collagenases loaded into halloysite/Veegum® clay minerals for potential pharmaceutical applications 3
Antimicrobial Nanomaterials Based on Halloysite Clay Mineral: Research Advances and Outlook 3
The effect of some amines and alcohols on the organized structure of [bmim][BF4] investigated by 1H NMR spectroscopy 3
Organo-Clay Nanomaterials Based on Halloysite and Cyclodextrin as Carriers for Polyphenolic Compounds 3
Binding properties of mono-(6-deoxy-6-amino)-beta-cyclodextrins towards p-nitroaniline derivatives: a polarimetric study 3
Thermodynamics of binding between alfa- and beta-cyclodextrins and some p-nitro-aniline derivatives: reconsidering the enthalpy-entropy compensation effect 3
Covalently modified halloysite clay nanotubes: synthesis, properties, biological and medical applications 3
Halloysite nanotubes-carbon dots hybrids multifunctional nanocarrier with positive cell target ability as a potential non-viral vector for oral gene therapy 3
Synthesis, characterization and study of covalently modified triazole LAPONITE® edges 3
Cyclodextrin-[60]fullerene conjugates: synthesis, characterization, and electrochemical behavior 3
Boosting the properties of a fluorescent dye by encapsulation into halloysite nanotubes 3
Host-guest interactions between β-cyclodextrin and the (Z)-phenylhydrazone of 3-benzoyl-5-phenyl-1,2,4-oxadiazole: The first kinetic study of a ring-ring interconversion in a "confined environment" 3
Selective functionalization of halloysite cavity by click reaction: structured filler for enhancing mechanical properties of bionanocomposite films 3
Palladium nanoparticles immobilized on halloysite nanotubes covered by a multilayer network for catalytic applications 3
1,2,3-Oligotriazoles modified halloysite nanotubes as potential active biological species: synthesis and characterization 3
Pharmaceutical properties of supramolecular assembly of co-loaded cardanol/triazole-halloysite systems 3
Functionalized halloysite multivalent glycocluster as a new drug delivery system 3
Study of uptake mechanisms of halloysite nanotubes in different cell lines 3
Design of PNIPAAM covalently grafted on halloysite nanotubes as a support for metal-based catalysts 3
Properties and Structural Studies of Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotubes-Phosphate Ester Hybrids 3
Diastereoselective synthesis of substituted 2-phenyltetrahydropyrans as useful precursors of aryl C-glycosides via selenoetherification 3
Binding abilities of polyaminocyclodextrins: polarimetric investigations and biological assays 3
Nanocarrier based on halloysite and fluorescent probe for intracellular delivery of peptide nucleic acids 3
Past, present and future perspectives on halloysite clay minerals 3
Chemical modification of halloysite nanotubes for controlled loading and release 2
A study on the essential oil Ferulago campestris. How much does exstraction method influence the oil composition? 2
Green conditions for the Suzuki reaction using microwave irradiation and a new HNT- supported ionic liquid-like phase (HNT-SILLP) catalyst 2
Prodrug based on halloysite delivery systems to improve the antitumor ability of methotrexate in leukemia cell lines 2
Biocompatible poly(N -isopropylacrylamide)-halloysite nanotubes for thermoresponsive curcumin release 2
Binding equilibria between beta-cyclodextrin and p-nitro-aniline derivatives: the first systematic study in mixed water-methanol solvent systems 2
Current Status of Nanoclay Phytotoxicity 2
Supported ionic liquids. New recyclable materials for the L-proline-catalyzed aldol reaction 2
First evidence of proline as bifunctional catalyst in the Baylis-Hillman reaction between alkyl vinyl ketones and arylaldehydes 2
Chemical and biological evaluation of cross-linked halloysite-curcumin derivatives 2
The interaction of native DNA with Zn(II) and Cu(II) complexes of 5-triethyl ammonium methyl salicylidene orto-phenylendiimine 2
Site-specific halloysite functionalization by polydopamine: A new synthetic route for potential near infrared-activated delivery system 2
Binding abilities of new cyclodextrin–cucurbituril supramolecular hosts 2
Functionalized halloysite nanotubes for enhanced removal of lead(II) ions from aqueous solutions 2
Micellization properties of cardanol as a renewable co-surfactant 2
A joint experimental and ab initio study on the reactivity of several hydroxy selenides. Stereoselective synthesis of cis-disubstituted tetrahydrofurans via seleniranium ions 2
Clay-based drug-delivery systems: what does the future hold? 2
Halloysite nanotubes for efficient loading, stabilization and controlled release of insulin 2
Pyrazole[3,4-d]pyrimidine derivatives loaded into halloysite as potential CDK inhibitors 2
Synthesis and characterization of new polyamino-cyclodextrin materials 2
Multifunctional Carrier Based on Halloysite/Laponite Hybrid Hydrogel for Kartogenin Delivery 2
Nanoclays for Conservation 2
Lipase-catalyzed resolution of anti-substituted 1,3-dioxepan-5-ols 2
Studies on the stereoselective selenolactonization, hydroxy and methoxy selenylation of alfa- and beta-hydroxy acids and esters. Synthesis of delta- and gamma-lactones 2
Gold nanoparticles stabilized by modified halloysite nanotubes for catalytic applications 2
Halloysite nanotubes as support for metal-based catalysts 2
The Daily Consumption of Cola Can Determine Hypocalcemia: A Case Report of Postsurgical Hypoparathyroidism-Related Hypocalcemia Refractory to Supplemental Therapy with High Doses of Oral Calcium 2
Stability and stoichiometry of some binary fluorophore-cyclodextrin complexes 2
Diastereoselective synthesis of 2-phenylselenenyl-1,3-anti-diols and 2-phenylselenenyl-1,3-anti-azido-alcohols via hydroxy- and azido-selenylation reactions 2
Eco-friendly functionalization of natural halloysite clay nanotube with ionic liquids by microwave irradiation for Suzuki coupling reaction 2
Binding properties of heptakis-(2,6-di-O-methyl)-β-cyclodextrin and mono-(3,6-anhydro)-β-cyclodextrin: a polarimetric study 2
Polarimetry as a useful tool for the determination of binding constants between cyclodextrins and organic guest molecules 2
New simple hydrophobic proline derivatives as highly active and stereoselective catalysts for the direct asymmetric aldol reaction in aqueous medium 2
Multicavity halloysite-amphiphilic cyclodextrin hybrids for co-delivery of natural drugs into thyroid cancer cells 2
Cyclodextrin–calixarene co-polymers as a new class of nanosponges 2
The Use of Some Clay Minerals as Natural Resources for Drug Carrier Applications 2
Hybrid supramolecular gels of Fmoc-F/halloysite nanotubes: systems for sustained release of camptothecin 2
Isolation of Gram positive n-alkane degraders from a hydrocarbon contaminated Mediterranean shoreline 2
Halloysite nanotubes: a green resource for materials and life sciences 2
Development and characterization of co-loaded curcumin/triazole-halloysite systems and evaluation of their potential anticancer activity 2
Microwave-assisted synthesis of novel cyclodextrin–cucurbituril complexes 2
Supported ionic liquid asymmetric cathalysis. A new method for chiral catalyst recycling 2
Chemical and pharmaceutical evaluation of the relationship between triazole linkers and pore size on cyclodextrin–calixarene nanosponges used as carriers for natural drugs 2
New mussel inspired polydopamine-like silica-based material for dye adsorption 2
Chiral recognition of protected amino acids by means of fluorescent binary complex pyrene/heptakis-(6-amino)-(6-deoxy)-beta-cyclodextrin 2
Effects of solvent-free microwave extraction on the chemical composition of essential oil of Calamintha nepeta (L.) Savi compared with the conventional production method 2
Lipase-catalyzed resolution of beta-hydroxy selenides 2
One-pot synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles supported on halloysite nanotubes for catalytic applications 1
Halloysite nanotubes loaded with peppermint essential oil as filler for functional biopolymer film 1
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